NCAC Election News

On 3/13/06 there was a town hall meeeting at the NCSD allowing potential candidates to apply to run in the actual NCAC election to take place on 3/20/06. Unfortunately there was not much of a turn out. Bonnie Eisner reported that only 10 of the 16 seats only have candidates, and most which have candidates are uncontested. So far the list of candidates currently running include:

Area One: Vince McCarthy Uncontested

Area Two: Ed Eby; Harry Walls

Area Three: No Candidate

Area Four: Dan Woodson; Rick Dean

Area Five: Kevin Beauchamp Uncontested

Area Six: El-Jay Hansson Uncontested

Area Seven: Susie Hermrech Uncontested

Ag Rep: Phil Henry Uncontested

Safety: Jim Harrison

The NCAC election page outliing the election procedures is here. I don’t know whether people can at this stage run for any of the open seats or not. I will inquire, and then update this post. The actual elections will take place on 3/20/06 between 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. at the NCSD building located at 148 S. Wilson, Nipomo, CA. UPDATE: The election nomination process is now closed. The seats that are not filled, or for which there are no candidates will be filled by the new board after the elections. Therefore, no new candidates may now enter the election process.

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