Further Woodlands Permits Approved

San Luis Obispo County has approved further development at the Woodlands project on the Nipomo Mesa. The Wallace Group, is providing design and engineering services for this master planned community. The Woodlands is a 1,320 residential units development with 45 holes of golf, clubhouse, driving range, village center, parks, equestrian trails, multi-purpose paths, business park and water and wastewater treatment facilities. The Tribune reports:

The second phase of the project will include 368 homes, a nine-hole golf course, three neighborhood parks, mass grading and infrastructure for an 11-acre public park and future resort site.

The first phase included 447 homes, an 18-hole golf course, a site for a retail center, a business park, butterfly habitat and a community building. Some of the homes have already been finished.

When finished, the 957-acre Woodlands project will have 1,320 homes, 45 holes of golf, a 500-room hotel, butterfly habitat, riding trails, business park, commercial center and possibly a school. All of this is to be built in phases over the next 15 years.

While this development is the largest in San Luis Obispo County, and will impact Nipomo, overall, I believe this is a good thing for Nipomo. It will help the sales tax base for future incorporation, which will give Nipomo it's own land use planning ability. The face of Nipomo has been changing for over a decade.

Within the last 6 years we have seen unprecedent growth, including the addition of a Vons grocery store, a McDonalds, Taco Bell, Carl's Jr., Savon, Longs, and many other smaller retail stores and office space. We continue to grow and develop. It is critical that we take this opportunity to plan the growth the best we can, and not stick our heads in the sand, saying we want no more growth. Growth is coming, and will continue to come. This is why incorporation for Nipomo is such a critical issue. It is only through incorporation that Nipomo will eventually be able to control and plan for its future vision.

For further information on the Woodland's new golf course, The Monarch Dunes, now open, check out this link here.   


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