Supervisor Katcho Achadjian’s Nipomo Accomplishments

Katcho Achadjian has been the 4th District Supervisor in San Luis Obispo County since 1998. He has been a very popular supervisor, likely the most popular in the 4th District ever. In 2002, he ran unopposed. This year, he is opposed by two candidates, who are single issue candidates only. Their entire candidacy is built around "uncontrolled growth." Katcho's record on growth is exemplary. Currently there is a 1.8% growth cap in Nipomo. That is an extraordinarily low growth rate given the fact there is no water moratorium, and very likely no water shortage at all in the Nipomo area. Katcho's leadership and good working relationship with the community resulted in this 1.8% growth cap.Growth, however, is not the only issue facing Nipomo or the 4th District. Katcho has been instrumental in providing leadership in achieving the following outstanding accomplishments for the Nipomo area in the 4th District:

1. Purchase of an additional 10 acres of parkland for Nipomo Park and currently preparing a Park Master Plan;

2. Through Katcho's connections and working relationship with the donor, the county accepted a donation of 30 acres for a passive park;

3. Improved the ordinance to remove obstructions in existing equestrian trails;

4. Acquired $1,000,000 for the Dana Adobe and through personal connections brought investors to purchase 100 acres of land surrounding the Dana Adobe;

5. Partnered with Nipomo High School to provide soccer fields for the community and to build restrooms;

6. Found funding to build Avocado and Branch Roads to county standards in order to come under the county maintained system;

7. Advised San Luis Obispo County to consider a pilot project to extend Willow Road and Build a Highway 101 overpass.

8. Acquired several school sites through the approval of new developments;

9. Created a strong advisory committee (now the South County Advisory Committee);

10. Provided support staff in the collaboration of creating a deign plan for West Tefft Street;

11. Allocated funding for and participated in several Nipomo Clean Up Days;

12. Acquired funds to pave the unpaved portion of Sandydale Street;

13. Acquired over $1.5 million in additional funding to complete the Olde Towne Nipomo Project;

14. Completed ADA compliance project and remodeled the kitchen at the Nipomo Senior Center by allocating General Fund money;

15. Acquired over $1.7 million for roads related flood control project, and continues to work in conjunction with the Nipomo Community Services District and Regional Water Quality Control Board staff to collectively address flood related issues.


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