Nipomo Dana Adobe Heritage Day

The Dana Adobe Nipomo Amigos are hosting Heritage Day at the Historic Nipomo Dana Adobe. Heritage Day will be this Saturday, 5/20/06 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Dana Adobe located at 671 Oakglen Avenue, Nipomo, CA. For more information you may call (805) 929-5679.This event is a fundraising opportunity for the Dana Adobe, and will be filled with a great deal of fun activities for the entire family, including, traditional music and dance, vaquero style roping, gold panning, games, food and drink. You will also be able to interact with historical figures associated with the Dana Adobe from the past including:

Captain William G. Dana – Owner of Rancho Nipomo and builder of the Dana Adobe

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Larkin – Thomas Larkin was appointed by then President James Polk as his special confidential agent in California

James Walker – Also known as J. A. Davis, an artist for Harper's Weekly who reported on the Civil War

Captain John Charles Fremont – One of the state's first senators, was appointed a major general in the Civil War

Captain Isaac Graham – Along with three partners, built the first power sawmill in California

James Beckworth – Rode with Captain John Fremont and Kit Carson during the Bear Flag Revolt, which wrested California from Mexico and brought it into the United States.


One thought on “Nipomo Dana Adobe Heritage Day

  1. Please send me the date for the Dana Adobe Heritage Day Parade, and any entry form necessary for the SLO Sheriff Posse. Thank you Laura Linda

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