South County Advisory Council Agenda For 5/22/06

Below is the South County Advisory Council Agenda for 5/22/06. Their meeting is held at the NCSD Building located at 148 S. Wilson Street, Nipomo, CA. The meetings are rather long so you may want to bring some water with you, and possibly a cushion for your chair!


May 22, 2006 – 6:30 PM

6:30 Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Additions/Deletions to Agenda
Approval of Minutes from April 24th and May 4 meetings

6:45 Announcement of New NCSD Representative 6:50 Chairman’s Comments: Growth Management Ordinance
Meeting with Katcho May 12

7:00 Community Presentations:
SLO County Sheriff: Commander Martin Basti, South Co. Station
CDF: Battalion Chief Dan Andersen
SLO County Planning Staff: Brian Pedrotti
Park Commissioner: Paul Teixeira
NCSD: Mike Winn

7:30 Consent Agenda:

Macagni/DRC2005-00202: MUP to install 3 wind turbine towers on a 30.2
acres site off Guadalupe Rd. 1550 Guadalupe Rd. Land use recommends approval as
presented, because of it support for agriculture sustainability by using renewable energy

7:35 Public Comment: (Limited to 3 minutes, Items not on Agenda)

7:45 Old Business:
Rural Planned Development – John Nall

8:00 Break

8:15 New Business:

Nipomo Native Gardens – Approval of concept to replace barbwire fence with a
split rail fence prior to presentation to County Parks Dept. – Larry Vierheilig

Craig/SUB2005-00233: 16 lot subdivision located on 18.89 acres. (14) One acre lots, (1) 1.20 acre and (1) 1.18 acre. Located on Willow Road & Via Concha. The
applicant did not appear at the Land Use Committee meeting. Land use does not support
this project without the following questions being answered:
1.) Is there a perimeter/multiuse trail?
2.) How will the eucalyptus refuse be cleaned up?
3.) How will the destruction of the butterfly habitat be mitigated?
4.) How much grading will be done, and how will the earth be moved through town?
5.) How is school access guaranteed?
6.) Where are the sidewalks, curbs and gutters?
7.) Will there be advanced road fees to assist with the Willow Road extension?

Shepard/SUB2005-00221: 5-lot cluster subdivision with 4 buildable lots & 1
open space lot on 5-acre site. Located off Montclair Pl in A.G. The applicant did not
appear at the Land Use Committee meeting. Land Use does not support this project
without the following issues being addressed:
1.) Grading
2.) Horse trails
3.) Open space maintenance by a homeowner association

Beauchamp/SUB2005-00209: Subdivide into two 7,200 SF lots. Make a lot line
adjustment to create a 10,00 SF lot. Located at 153 S. Oakglen. The applicant did not
appear at the Land Use Committee meeting. Land use does not support this project
without comments from the applicant regarding:
1.) Interface between residential & commercial components
2.) Access to lots 1 & 2
3.) Width of the driveway and the lack of a turnaround at rear for fire safety.

Mobilehome Park, Condo Conversion Ordinance/LRP2005-0009A/B: New
ordinances to help retain the County’s existing affordable housing stock, specifically
mobilehome parks and rental housing units. – Jim Harrison?

Sidewalk Vendor Law Revision – Revision of law to prevent sidewalk disruptions
– Jim Harrison?

9:25 Re-establish Committees (See April 5 e-mail to council) – Jim Harrison

9:55 Committee Reports:
Incorporation Committee: Mike Eisner/Guy Murray
Traffic and Circulation: Dan Woodson
Pathways and Trails: El Jay Hansson

10:15 Adjournment

Project Description (5 min)Action expected from SCAC
Council Questions
Public Comment (3 min. ea)
Council Comment (5 min. ea)

Future Agenda Items
6/26 Roosevelt Affordable Housing
6/26 Nipomo Watershed Management Plan- Bob Hill
6/26 Follow-up report on Projects of County Drainage Study, to be implemented –
Herb Kandel
6/26 West Tefft Corridor Plan -Chuck Stevenson

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