Nipomo Town Square

The face of Nipomo continues to change. This is, but one of several developments ongoing in our community. The sign at the site designates the project as "Nipomo Town Square."

A quick google search did not generate much if any results, other than a reference on the Chamber's website indicating this development will include restaurants, retail, housing, office space and an assisted care facility. The project is located north of Tefft Street, along Mary Avenue, on both the east and west sides of Mary. Currently it is the west side of Mary that is beginning to see activity. If anyone knows more about this project, please feel free to leave a comment. As I learn more about it, I will also post more. In the interim here are a few photos of the project as it is now developing. These photos were taken on 5/16/06.

While I welcome well planned development to our community, it is also sad to see the wide open spaces, even in the urban core of Nipomo slowly slip away. I drive by this site daily, and for 13 years very much enjoyed the wide open space that it was. Now that is gone, and I hope the developer has done his homework to replace the open space beauty with a well thought out and useful addition to our rapidly changing community.





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