Update On Coastkeeper v NCSD Lawsuit

I have previously posted on this subject here and here. I have confirmed with the NCSD that the board paid approximately $60,000 to SAIC Engineering for the updated Urban Water Management Plan. The board went with this particular firm because of their extensive expertise in preparing these types of reports, and their background which you can see for yourself (from their website) is quite extensive.

Yet, comes Coastkeeper, the Central Coast’s environmental gadfly and based on two letters from Mr. Henlsey has concluded SAIC Engineering and their $60,000 report are all wrong. Just a hunch, but I’m betting on SAIC. I haven’t followed up yet on this lawsuit recently, but will do so, and post what I learn. I’m still wanting to know who these anonymous Nipomo residents are who are helping Coastkeeper save us from ourselves! More to come.


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