Katcho Achadjian’s Endorsements For 4th District Supervisor

Supervisor Katcho Achadjian's campaign has released a partial list of supporters who have formally endorsed Katcho for 4th District Supervisor.  The list is quite impressive, and includes:

San Luis Obispo County Cattlemen's Association

City of San Luis Obispo Police Officers and Firefighters Association

Arroyo Grande Police Officers' Association

Sheriff Pat Hedges

Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee

Dr. Julian Crocker, San Luis Obispo Superintendent of Schools

San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Gerry Shea

San Luis Obispo County Sheriffs' Association

San Luis Obispo County Assessor Tom Bordonaro

In addition, there are over 350 other community leaders and citizens who support Katcho in his reelection bid.  You can read a partial list on Katcho's website here. 

2 thoughts on “Katcho Achadjian’s Endorsements For 4th District Supervisor

  1. deleting my posts will not negeate the fact that we have a water problem in the fourth district judith has tried to pass things to stop building but when katcho hand selected two members of a five members he becomes the swing vote and he always swings with developement and u know it. and now that u have deleted posts i know that this one wont last long either. how u can support some one who wants to put us in the hole for ten million dollars so these developers can keep building is beyond me. deleting my posts wont make me go away. katcho will be voted out.

  2. Ryan,

    I deleted your previous comments for a variety of reasons.  I am deleting one other comment you made along with this comment for the same reasons. This particular comment is only marginally better; however, I will allow it to remain for the public at large to see. Many of your previous comments were essentially made anonymously. I do not engage people who will not identify themselves. Commenting and signing your name as “supporters of judith wirsing” is the same as commenting while hiding behind a wall of anonymity. Again in the future if you want to comment on this blog, I will require that you use a name that at least could possibly be construed to be real.

    Second, your posts were so poorly written, punctuated and composed they were very difficult to understand. Again, this comment is only marginally better. In the future, if you want your comments to remain on the blog you will need to at least make an effort to write them better using proper punctuation, capitalization, composition, and real words. This is not a graffiti wall, it is a blog, and there are certain commenting criteria. I have just told you what they are.

    In response to the substance of you comment, please provide some support for your claims:

    1. We have a water problem. Judge Komar in the Santa Maria water litigation has ruled the Santa Maria Water Basin is not in over-draft. Please provide me a better source than the judge in this water litigation, which in fact will shape the future use of this basin. What is your source that Nipomo has a water problem?

    2. Judith has tried to stop building. You may not be aware that is not Ms. Wirsing’s job. She was elected to the NCSD, not the board of supervisors. Her political powers do not allow her to engage in land use issues. She has no planning powers. She cannot legally “stop building.” If she has done so, she has done so illegally. Can you point so specific projects where Ms. Wirsing has tried to stop building, and then point to the law that allows her to do that?

    3. Katcho has selected two members of five members. What are you talking about here? I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to say. If you can clarify your point better, perhaps I could respond.

    4. He always swings with development. I assume you mean he always votes with development. Of course this statement is false and reflects your unfamiliarity with Katcho’s voting record. Most recently he voted against expansion of Cypress Ridge. He has sided with the community almost always on his votes. Katcho supports the community with his votes.

    5. Rasing taxes to cover $10,000,000 for supplemental Santa Maria Water. Please cite some support for this claim. And, while you are at it, please provide some authority that the county board of supervisors have any authority to raise taxes to pay for supplemental Santa Maria Water.

    6. Affordable housing. Please explain how Katcho or any supervisor can control the costs of building affordable housing. Please explain how the board of supervisors can change the market forces to change the price of affordable housing. Please explain the legal basis that would allow a supervisor to dictate how much profit a builder can make on any project.

    7. Katcho will be voted out. While this may be your opinion, and wishful thinking, it is highly unlikely. I have already posted on this blog a partial list of Katcho’s supporters and those in the county who have endorsed him. Please provide a similar internet link for those who have endorsed Ms. Wirsing, and I will allow it to remain on the blog.

    I await your response; however, I again warn you that unless you make a better effort in making your comments, I will delete them if they are not better constructed in the future. This means proper English, proper sentence construction, punctuation and capitalization. Otherwise I will delete substandard comments.  I have also sent you a private email to the email address you left.  You will need to confirm that it is a valid email address to leave any further additional comments.  

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