Dave Congalton Of The Big Broadcast Comes To Nipomo

Dave Congalton, of local hometown radio fame, his lovely bride Charlotte, their four dogs and 12 cats have all moved to Nipomo! Wecome Congaltons and pets! The Adobe Press reports:

A place to retreat to at night and awake to the chorus of horses and roosters — that’s what Dave Congalton and Charlotte Alexander have experienced since their recent move to Nipomo.

While the couple’s careers may be high-profile, their new home isn’t.

“We both have high-pressure jobs, so it’s good to be able to escape here at night and recuperate,” Congalton said.

Alexander is executive director of United Way of San Luis Obispo County, and Congalton is a 14-year radio talk show host on News Talk 920 KVEC.

“The Dave Congalton Show” is a local talk show heard throughout the Central Coast each weekday afternoon that covers a range of topics.

Lately, some attention has shifted to conversation about issues facing Nipomo — development, restaurant critiques, things to do and the possibility of incorporation, to name only a few.

More focus on South County issues will likely continue in the future, Congalton said.

Dave's addition to Nipomo and the South County is likely to be positive for us in many ways. As Dave becomes more familiar with the local Nipomo issues hopefully some will give him ideas for The Big Broadcast, originating daily from KVEC 920 A.M. radio in San Luis Obispo:

“The more time I spend down here, the more familiar I’ll become with local issues and the more questions I’ll definitely have,” he said.

We will look forward to hearing Dave and Charlotte's voices in our south county symphony–well underway! It sounds as though they will be staying for a long time to come:

“We are enjoying the quiet, semirural lifestyle,” Alexander said, and they have patronized almost every restaurant in town. They have also spent time exploring the community’s back roads amid a milder climate than what they were accustomed to in Atascadero.

Everything so far is a reminder that they made the right move, Congalton said.

This time, the move may be permanent.

“I can see us being here for the long haul,” Alexander said.

We say, welcome Dave, Charlotte and animals–welcome to our paradise at the foot of the hills!




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