Blast To The Past On Nipomo’s Incorporation Movement

Nipomo Flirts With Cityhood

WordPress is supposed to allow the upload of pdf documents. This post is a test of that capacity. It’s a scanned article from the New Times which discusses Nipomo’s Incorporation outlook crica 2003. Many things have changed since then, some for the better, others not so good. I will be posting more about incorporation as time permits and more information is available.


Third Candidate Files Paperwork For NCSD Board

ncsd.jpgFormer board member and retired pharmacist Bob Blair has filed papers with the San Luis Obispo County Recorder’s office to run for an open seat on the Nipomo Community Service District’s board. Anyone who follows Nipomo politics will recognize Bob Blair’s name. Continue reading

South County Advisory Council Traffic And Circulation Committee To Meet 8/17/06

For those who have found this blog, you likely already know that there is a South County Advisory Council, and that they have several standing committees, including an extremely important one dealing with traffic: The Traffic and Circulation Committee.  You can read the most recent minutes here. Continue reading

Candidate Statement Of Cliff Trotter For NCSD Board

As I have already publicly endorsed Cliff Trotter, an incumbent, for another term on the Nipomo Community Services District, I am publishing below his campaign statement that will appear on the November Ballot. As I obtain further information from either of the candidates I have endorsed, I will publish it here on the Nipomo News. I will also post any commentary from the press on either of the candidates: Continue reading