Blast To The Past On Nipomo’s Incorporation Movement

Nipomo Flirts With Cityhood

WordPress is supposed to allow the upload of pdf documents. This post is a test of that capacity. It’s a scanned article from the New Times which discusses Nipomo’s Incorporation outlook crica 2003. Many things have changed since then, some for the better, others not so good. I will be posting more about incorporation as time permits and more information is available.


South County Advisory Council Traffic And Circulation Committee To Meet 8/17/06

For those who have found this blog, you likely already know that there is a South County Advisory Council, and that they have several standing committees, including an extremely important one dealing with traffic: The Traffic and Circulation Committee.  You can read the most recent minutes here. Continue reading

Candidate Statement Of Cliff Trotter For NCSD Board

As I have already publicly endorsed Cliff Trotter, an incumbent, for another term on the Nipomo Community Services District, I am publishing below his campaign statement that will appear on the November Ballot. As I obtain further information from either of the candidates I have endorsed, I will publish it here on the Nipomo News. I will also post any commentary from the press on either of the candidates: Continue reading