Wind Turbines Proposed For Lompoc Hills

The Santa Maria Times ran an article this morning in their print edition about a proposed wind turbine farm on Miguelito Canyon ridges, just southwest of Lompoc. Unfortunately, that story didn’t appear to make it into their online paper version; however, you can read a 6/26/06 story from the Santa Barbara Press here. This is actually a very good idea. The central coast, like the rest of America is in dire need to alternative engery sources. While there are always concerns about environmental impact, the harsh reality is that we desperately need alternative energy that is not dependent on Middle East oil. According to the story the project would provide 80 to 120 megawatts of electricity to PG & E, which would provide enough power for approximately 50,000 homes, or about 80% of northern Santa Barbara County. The power generated would go directly into the local grid. We should give this wind farm, and other alternative energy sources such as nuclear and coal a much harder look these days.

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