Candidate Statement Of Cliff Trotter For NCSD Board

As I have already publicly endorsed Cliff Trotter, an incumbent, for another term on the Nipomo Community Services District, I am publishing below his campaign statement that will appear on the November Ballot. As I obtain further information from either of the candidates I have endorsed, I will publish it here on the Nipomo News. I will also post any commentary from the press on either of the candidates:

Statement of candidate for Director, Nipomo Community Services District.

C.E. “Cliff” Trotter

Occupation: Retired water district engineer- manager.

Education and Qualifications:

· Served in the Armed Forces, 1944-46 and 1951-53

· Graduated from UCLA in 1951

· Registered Professional Engineer, State of California

· 35 year work history as Engineer-Manager of water districts in the San Joaquin Valley

· 6 1/2 years as NCSD Director

This November I will have actively served as a Director of the NCSD for six and a half years, but much remains to be done. I wish to continue working to remedy the imbalance of the aquifer underlying the Nipomo Mesa. That overdraft, if allowed to continue, will eventually lead to a reduction in the community’s water supply, higher rates, and possible sea water intrusion. The NCSD Board is committed to building a pipeline to bring supplemental water from the City of Santa Maria, which is vital to a secure future for Nipomo. Presently, I chair one of the committees designated to oversee design and financing of that pipeline. If reelected, I plan to continue in that effort.


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