NCSD Candidate Updates

ncsd.jpgThere were no new candidate filings this week for the three open seats on the NCSD board. The three seats up for re-election this year include Cliff Trotter, Larry Vierheilig, and Judith Wirsing. Of the three incumbents, only Ms. Wirsing has not yet filed papers with the San Luis Obispo County Recorder’s office. Bob Blair, former board member and retired pharmacist has also filed papers for this upcoming election.

I spoke with another potential candidate; however, since that candidate has not yet officially filed the paperwork, I will not disclose that person’s name; however, based on my conversations with the potential candidate, I have reason to believe that there will be at least one more filing before the deadline on 8/11/06. As new candidates file paperwork, I will post the information here on the News. If anyone else has information of candidates or potential candidates feel free to contact me.

I have already endorsed the two incumbents who have filed, Cliff Trotter and Larry Vierheilig. I will wait until after the filing period expires before endorsing a third candidate. It looks to be another good election season for the local Nipomo NCSD rate payers.

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