SCAC Land Use Committee Meeting Agenda 10/16/06

South County Advisory Council

Land Use Committee Meeting- Chair Bonnie Eisner
October 16, 2006 – 9:00 AM at the NCSD Building (148 S. Wilson, Nipomo, CA)
Call To Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Addition/Deletions to Agenda
Public Comment

New Business:

Nipomo Town Square/SUB 2003-00314/TR-2652: Revised Tentative Tract Map for changes to the project.This is George Newman’s project on the Mary extending to Juniper Street.

Dobbe/DRC 2006-00022: Nextel Cell site located off Guadalupe Rd.

The Nipomo Group/DRC 2006-00065: MUP for mobile home sales lot off N. Frontage Rd. Access will be through the Nipomo Swap.

Nipomo Oaks/LRP 2006-00004: Rezone from RMF to CR with text amendment to allow mixed use. Project located at 620 Hill St.

Gascho/DRC 2006-00066: MUP for a distance waiver. Subdivide existing 10 acre parcel into (2) 5 acre parcels with a distance waiver since the secondary is 310 feet from the primary. Project is located at 1655 Quiet Oaks Dr.Beer/DRC

2006-00071: MUP for a 2,400 sq. ft. detached garage/workshop. Located at 766 Calle Bendita Site is used for a landscaping business.


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