Larry Vierheilig On Issues Facing Nipomo Voters

At the recent October Festival, Larry Vierheilig (right) handed out his position on several Nipomo Issues, which stated:

Larry Vierheilig for NCSD Director.

Existing Customers:
* Reliable sources of water
* Affordable water and wastewater rates

* Mapping and monitoring of the groundwater basin.
We need to know what is there and how it operates

Supplemental Water
* Complete the pipeline
* Research all current Desal technologies
* Development of a Desal water source

Strategic Planning
* In conjunction with the ratepayers community at large and SLO County Planning, develop a vision for the District and community regarding future growth and associated infrastructure requirements

* On hold until water dependable supply known
* Use supplemental water, not groundwater

* Keeps the resource health
* Not for new development

* Develop preventative maintenance programs for all of the District facilities

Water Allocation
* Based on dependable supply, not guesswork
* Update when supply is known and cost of supplemental water project firm.

One of the critical points Larry makes is a safe and reliable source of groundwater for our community. This is not to say we are in the throes of an immediate and critical water shortage. We are not; however, it is prudent to plan for our future. I especially like Larry’s empahsis on a long term supply which will not be subject to water availablity in Santa Maria. Specifically, Nipomo needs to research the viability of a desalination plant in our community.

I urge Nipomo voters to return Larry Vierheilig to the NCSD board on 11/17/06.

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