South County Advisory Council Agenda 10/23/06


October 23, 2006 – 6:30 PM
NCSD Building, 148 South Wilson Street, Nipomo
6:30 Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call

Additions/Deletions to Agenda
Approval of Minutes from September 25 Meeting and Revision of
September 6 Minutes
Treasurer’s Report

6:50 Chairman’s Comments

Response from Code Enforcement

7:00 Community Presentations:
SLO County Sheriff: Commander Martin Basti, South Co. Station
SLO County Planning Staff: Brian Pedrotti
Park Commissioner: Paul Teixeira
NCSD: Mike Winn

7:30 Consent Agenda:

Dobbe/DRC 2006-00022: Nextel Cell site located off Guadalupe Rd.
The Land Use Committee recommends approval of this project as

Gacsho/DRC 2006-00066: MUP for a distance waiver. Subdivide
existing 10-acre parcel into two 5-acre parcels with a distance waiver since
the existing secondary is 310 feet from the primary. Project is located at
1655 Quiet Oaks Dr. The Land Use Committee recommends approval of
this project as presented.

Beer/DRC 2006-00071: MUP for a 2,400 sq. ft. detached
garage/workshop at 766 Calle Bendita. The Land Use Committee
recommends approval of this project with stipulation that setbacks are
correct for the commercial property, and the applicant landscapes the
area and uses articulation so that the new metal building complements
the house.

7:40 Public Comment: (Limited to 3 minutes, Items not on Agenda)

Old Business:

Nipomo Town Square/SUB2003-00314/TR-2652: Revised Tentative
Tract Map for changes to the project. Project on Mary extending to Juniper
Street. with traffic light at Juniper and Mary.

The Nipomo Group/DRC 2006-00065: MUP for mobile home sales
lot off N. Frontage Rd. Access will be through the Nipomo Swap Meet.

Nipomo Oaks/LRP 2006-00004: Rezone from RMF to CR with text
amendment to allow mixed use. Project located at 620 Hill St. Changes 42
units on 3 acres down to 24 units on 2 acres and rezoning the RMF to
commercial with mixed use.

8:15 Break

8:25 New Business:

Approval of Letters from Land Use Committee to Planning –
Bonnie Eisner
a) SCAC position on clustering
b) Request for Planning Department mechanism to assure
maintenance of project landscaping after project completion

Public Financing Alternatives for the Willow Road Extension
Project – David Lilley & David Taussig

9:30 Committee Reports:
Traffic and Circulation – Dan Woodson
Website – Elect new Chair
Bylaws – Committee status from Collette Hyder

10:00 Adjournment
Future Agenda Items
Nipomo Watershed Management Plan- Bob Hill
Follow-up report on Projects of County Drainage Study – Herb Kandel

Agenda Item Format:
Project Description (5 min)
Action expected from SCAC
Questions from Council members
Public Comment (3 min. ea)
Council Comment (5 min. ea)

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