Nipomo’s Independence From San Luis Obispo County

incorporation-photo.jpgThis week’s Adobe Press ran a front page article on Nipomo’s possible incorporation. Randi Block did a very good job on researching the article and reporting on the issue. I don’t have too much more to add; but, did want to make just a couple of comments. Continue reading


Increasing Sales Tax Base Raises Prospects For Nipomo Incorporation

(Update: Vote in the online poll here about whether Nipomo should become a city). Today’s Tribune ran an article on the incorporation meeting we had last Tuesday, 11/14/06. The reporter, Larissa Van Beurden-Doust,, did a very good job reporting on the meeting, even though she wasn’t able to attend. She spoke both with me, as well as Mike Eisner to get a run down of the discussion, and where we are now. Overall I think the article was very positive, and quite accurate. Continue reading

Why Should Nipomo Become A City?

Cityhood has four principal advantages for Nipomo. First, cityhood means local control over land use decisions. County approval of large development projects during the last decade has angered many local residents due to increased traffic and decreased quality of life that have resulted. In some cases, County land use decisions were in direct violation of the South County Area Plan (SCAP), the goal of which is to preserve the rural character of Nipomo. Continue reading

The History of Nipomo’s Incorporation Movement

In October 1999, the Nipomo Chamber of Commerce formally started the incorporation dialogue. They formed their own sub committee to research incorporation issues. Since that time, government officials, including the Nipomo Community Services District, and our 4th District Supervisor, Katcho have gone on record as supporting the Nipomo Incorporation Committee’s efforts. Since the original Chamber of Commerce Committee, there have been various permutations of the incorporation committee. The current Nipomo Incorporation Committee is a standing subcommittee of the South County Advisory counsel, made up of volunteer Nipomo residents. Continue reading

San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors Agenda 11/21/06

David EdgeCounty Administrator

Harry L. Ovitt, 1st District
Shirley Bianchi, 2nd District
Jerry Lenthall, Vice-Chairperson, 3rd District
K.H. “Katcho” Achadjian, Chairperson, 4th District
James R. Patterson, 5th District

NOVEMBER 21, 2006  








ADJOURNMENT 5:00 Continue reading

Nipomo Incorporation Meeting Update–Including Latest Sales Tax Figures

The SCAC incorporation committee met Tuesday night, 11/14/06. There will likely be offical minutes posted on the official SCAC website at some point; however, I wanted to post a couple of my own comments this evening. We had a pretty good turn out. Of course, it was our first meeting for several months, which may have accounted for some of the turn out. We even had Randi Block, from the Santa Maria Times, who may be writing a story about the meeting and incorporation generally. I would estimate we had between 15 to 18 people turn out tonight. Mike Eisner would have the exact count, as he took roll. Regardless, everyone who turned out indicated that they were interested in continuing the incorporation dialogue. Everyone also expressed willingness to be part of an upcoming incorporation workshop that will be put together some time in January 2007. The focus will be to brainstorm and come up with ideas about the future of the incorporation discussion in Nipomo, how best to involve the public, slogans, educational talking points and the like. It should be an interesting endeavor. I hope others who did not make this evening’s meeting will be able to come in January Continue reading

Nipomo’s Incorporation

The time has come to begin builidng a significant section of this blog relating to Nipomo’s incorporation, or in other words, Nipomo’s quest to become a city. Let me preface this post by reminding readers that anything that appears under my name on this blog constitutes my opinion, and my opinion only as a private citizen and Nipomo resident. I am involved in formal organizations within the community; but, I do not speak for them in any capacity when I post an opinion here on this blog. This is true particularly regarding incorporation. I am involved with the official SCAC incorporation committee; however, posts on this blog reflect my own personal opinions and observations, not those of any organization or affiliation I may have with the SCAC or any other organization.

I will begin to build a new links section on the sidebar exclusively incorporation related, but Nipomo and state wide. I will also post some of the articles I have written in the past. In my opinion there is no greater single issue facing Nipomo today than preparing for and educating the public about the process for Nipomo to become a city in the future. I welcome ideas and input from anyone on incorporation, the process, the benefits, the burdens. This is an exciting time for Nipomo.