Nipomo Flood Preparedness Forum 11/16/06

The Land Conservancy is sponsoring a Flood Preparedness Forum on Thursday 11/16/06 from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m at the NCSD building, 148 W. Wilson Street, Nipomo, CA. The NCSD is providing the location, and the Land Conservancy is organizing the event, which hosts a list of impressive speakers.

The line up includes:

Herb Kandel-Land Conservancy; Jeff Werst-San Luis Obispo County Works Staff Engineer; Jill Falcone Public Works Environmental Resource Specialist; Madonna Dunbar NCSD Conservation Specialist; and Red Cross representatives. There will be sand bags available for purchase, for I believe .25 per bag. You can read the agenda here: Flood Forum Agenda

For anyone living on the east side of Nipomo you know that area of town is prone to flooding. Below is a random sample of photos I took of the January 2005 flooding. To see them in full size you can find them here. Click on the “all sizes” icon on the top of the photos to enlarge:

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