Nipomo Incorporation Meeting 11/14/06

The SCAC’s incorporation committee will meet Tuesday, 11/14/06 at 7:00 p.m. in the Nipomo Community Library conference room. This is our first meeting in several months. We will discuss the most recent information we obtained from our conference call with Mike Davis, who’s company prepare the preliminary feasibility report for Nipomo’s incorporation. We will also discuss where to go from here.

As always, this meeting is open to all members of the general public. I haven’t posted much about incorporation yet; but, that is on the list to do. Several folks in the community have discussed incorporation since 1999. We continue to inch closer to fiscal feasibility each quarter. One thing we will discuss is the current sales tax base, which Mike Eisner has obtained from the county. It has shown strong and consistent gains since Mr. Davis has completed his initial feasibility study.

This is significant because the sales tax base of any community is a critical element of the future city’s funding. There is still a great deal of retail business slated to come to Nipomo. Different projects are at different stages of development. This will mean even more tax base. There is also a motel now scheduled for Nipomo, which will bring much needed bed taxes.

Nipomo’s future is best secured by its eventual incorporation. If you have an opinion on Nipomo’s future, even if you think incorporation is a bad idea, I urge you to come out and attend this meeting. Bring your friends. This is the time to discuss this important issue and make plans for our future course. I hope to see you there.

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