Nipomo’s Incorporation–Where We Should Go From Here

I orginally published a version of this article almost two years ago, in March 2005.  A version of it is on my old blog, and a version was published in the Adobe Press. I’m updating and republishing it now to reflect the most current events, and my own personal thinking about incorporation. I’ve previously published a short history of Nipomo’s incorporation movement here. While there is certainly more to this history, I think what I provided is a fairly accurate overview–though admitedly brief. Continue reading


What Is Revenue Neutrality?

This is an article that I have revamped for purposes of Nipomo’s potential incorporation. It was originally written by
Glenn Robinson a founding director of the Carmel Valley Forum (incorporation committee). Glenn originally wrote this article as part of his involvement with the Carmel Valley incorporation movement. Much of it is applicable to Nipomo, with some of the modifications I have made. I hope it will be instructive in helping educate people about what revenue neutrality is, and how the process relates to incorporation. Feel free to leave comments or ask any questions. Continue reading

Nipomo Town Square Moves Forward

This week’s Adobe Press published an article on George and Nancy Newman’s Nipomo Town Square project. The Newmans are long time Nipomo residents, who currently run The Water Gardens
The Water Gardenshere in Nipomo. I previously posted on this project in May of this year here. That was before I had an opportunity to sit down with George and hear more about his project, which I’ll post more about in a bit. George was kind enough to provide me with some additional information and some projected time tables he anticipates for The Town Square’s Construction.

The Adobe article describes Nipomo Town Square as a 20 acre, 300,000 square foot project, which just received an intent to serve letter. The problem is that fees have skyrocketed so much that this, and many commericial projects in Nipomo are in jeopardy. As George Newman explained to the Adobe Press, if fees continue to rise, projects like this will not make any economic sense: Continue reading

Willow Road Interchange Funds Allocated

Good news for Nipomo residents. On Tuesday 12/19/06, The San Luis County Board of Supervisors allocated $1.6 million of road impact fees to finish engineering plans for the Willow Road freeway interchange with the 101 freeway. The Santa Maria Times reports that while the county has several million dollars available, they are still several million dollars short: Continue reading