Coastkeeper Lawsuit Against NCSD Thrown Out

For those who haven’t kept on this issue, you can read my prior posts here, here, and here. Or, you can read the entire history of all the posts here. Today’s Tribune has a short story on the disposition of this lawsuit, at least at the trial court level.


A judge has dismissed an environmentalist’s lawsuit against the Nipomo Community Services District.

Gordon Hensley of Los Osos, executive director of the San Luis Obispo Coastkeeper group, filed the suit last year in protest of the district’s long-term water plans.

The suit claimed the district’s water management plan should be rewritten because it relies on Santa Maria providing water, which the suit said is still only an agreement, not a contract.

District and county officials use the management plan to figure out if there is enough water to support new growth.

The plan cannot be used to support development, Hensley argued, because there is no guarantee the water will be available.

San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Roger Picquet ruled the plan was adequate and accurate.

General Manager Bruce Buel noted the district has an allocation program that limits how many new homes can use district water each year.

— Larissa Van Beurden-Doust

If I find anything more substantive about Judge Picquet’s ruling, I’ll post it as well. The unfortunate thing is that as I noted in my prior posts on this lawsuit, is that it was purely a political ploy by those not even in this community to try and influence what is happening in Nipomo. And, what is worse, is that it was a complete waste of the NCSD rate payer’s money. The NCSD was forced to defend this frivolous piece of litigation. Thanks to Gordon Hensley and Attorney Babak Naficy we have wasted precious resources that could have been better allocated. My advice to Mr. Hensley is to stick with Los Osos’ problems (his own community). There is plenty there with which he can deal.

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