August 9, 2007 Planning Commission Hearing – Affordable Housing Ordinances

I received the following email from SLO County Planning Department, as I signed up for their email list. It includes information on the upcoming August 9, 2007 Planning Commission Hearings. I hope I uploaded the correct names to the pdf files. If not, I will try and correct the names later; but, they should at least all be there for anyone who wants to review them:

Greetings. You are on the list of people who receive hearing notices and public documents regarding San Luis Obispo County’s efforts to prepare affordable housing ordinances for consideration by its Board of Supervisors.

On August 9, 2007 the Planning Commission will be asked to consider a package of affordable housing ordinance amendments. The purpose of the ordinances in this package is to allow higher residential density in the (unincorporated) urban areas of the County. Attached are the staff report and ordinance amendment exhibits that will be presented to the Planning Commission.

Affordable Housing Ordinance_CZLUE #2.pdf

Affordable Housing Ordinance_LUO #2.pdf

Affordable Housing Ordinance_CZLUO #2.pdf

Affordable Housing Ordinance Specific and Design

AHO – EIR – CEQA Findings.pdf

AHO – EIR – MMRP.pdf

August 9, 2007 Staff Report

This item is hearing item #2, and it will be the second hearing item of the morning session. The morning session starts at 8:45 AM. Consent items will be heard first, and they are followed by the regular hearing items.

You may go to the Planning Department’s web-site at and click on “Meeting Calendar” in the right hand column to view the entire Planning Commission agenda package, or to watch the Planning Commission’s hearing.

If you have questions or comments, or do not wish to be on the e-mail list, please respond to this message.

Thank you !

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