Where Is The Tribune?

On Saturday, 9/20/08, the largest gathering (ever) of Nipomo residents to discuss their future took place at the Monarch Club at the Woodlands in Nipomo.  Some 263 residents attended the NICE Development Conference, and amongst their number was not one reporter representing the county’s newspaper of record, The Tribune.  Why?  According to Tribune representatives, they were aware of the meeting well in advance of 9/20/08.  The local news editors were aware of this gathering before it happened.  Yet, none, not one reporter, one photographer, no one from the Tribune showed up to cover the largest gathering in the fastest growing and most populous south county community.  Tribune representatives said that they would follow up, but as of this morning’s paper, I haven’t seen one word in print from the county’s “paper of record.”

Apparently the Tribune is the paper of record for San Luis Obispo County, as long as the news doesn’t venture south of Avila Beach Drive.  Fortunately the Santa Maria Times, paper of record for North Santa Barbara County did cover the meeting as they regularly do for Nipomo events.

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