In Hoc Anno Domini

In keeping with a Christmas tradition, I again post The Wall Street Journal’s venerable Christmas Eve Editorial, written by the late Vermont Royster.  And, as we leave behind an era of greater oppression, in our own day, may we rejoice in the hope of a brighter future of greater freedom and light for all people made possible by the Birth of the literal Son of God: Continue reading


Nipomo’s Poker Parlour–Not A Good Idea

Apparently Nipomo is about to get another card room, i.e., a poker parlour if you will.  The Adobe Press reports: Continue reading

Adelina’s Bistro–Nipomo’s Best Kept Secret


Photo by Wall Street Journal’s W. Scott Loy

In terms of classic culinary cuisine, the Trilogy’s Adelina’s Bistro is liklely Nipomo’s, if not the entire Central Coast’s best keep secret.   We ate there, celebrating Ryan’s “graduation” dinner.  Here is an older WSJ article, but it is spot on. We’ve eaten here several times. They serve first class food in an extraordinary establishment and environment. If you live here on the Central Coast you should eat here often. If you are passing through, make certain you make the stop. You’ll be glad you did. Continue reading