South County Advisory Council Minutes 06/22/09

Thanks to Dan Gaddis, who chairs the South County Advisory Council (SCAC) for forwarding these minutes.  The SCAC is the formally appointed government arm for our Fourth District Supervisor.  The minutes follow below the jump:


Minutes for the June 24, 2009 6:30 p.m. Meeting

In the NCSD building, 148 S. Wilson Street, Nipomo, CA

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Dan Gaddis who led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The roll was called by Secretary Elaine Thomas and a quorum was declared.

Members Present:

Patrician Duron   Stephanie Franks

Dan Gaddis    El-Jay Hansson

Howard Hess    Istar Holliday

Vince McCarthy   Mike Murphy

Elaine Thomas   Harry Walls

Richard Wright   Mike Winn (NCSD Rep)


Rick Dean    Dan Woodson

Additions/Deletions to Agenda:

Discussion of Dana Adobe will be done today during Community Presentations

Cell Tower on Picacho Ranch Property off Hwy 101, added to New Business.

Public Hearing of Draft/Housing Element added to New Business

Light House Church proposed cell tower antenna postponed to the July, 2009 meeting

Minutes approval: Motion by Harry Walls, second by El-Jay Hansson, Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Stephanie Franks submitted the following report:

Board Meetings $397.63  Dump Fees $1,885.76

Library           $2,182.01  Total  $4,465.40

A bill for $41.68 for the wall map showing SCAC Representative Areas was submitted. Stephanie Franks will adjust her report to show this change. Treasurer’s Report was accepted with motion by El-Jay Hansson, second by Vince McCarthy. Motion carried.

Community Presentations:

Cal Fire: Division Chief Robert Lewin invited the community to the Dedication Ceremony/Open House of the new Nipomo Fire Station # 20 on July 8, 2009 at 12:00 noon. Lunch will be served.

Fire Captain Deleo discussed the continuing health, safety, & fire hazard problem at the prior Recreation Center facility on So. Frontage Rd. He can be contacted at

Activity last month:

Nipomo Fire Station # 20 103 total calls – YTD:  549

13 Fires   53 Medical

14 Vehicle Accidents  23 Other

Mesa Fire Station # 22 37 Total calls – YTD 263

1 Fire    3 Vehicle Accidents

3 Medical   10 Other

SLO County Sheriff’s Department: Sgt. Tony Perry. He noted several crimes in the Oceano and Nipomo Communities: gang fights, 6 DUI arrests, keyed vehicles, vehicle windows smashed, food bank break-in in Oceano, bogus traffic stop by unauthorized person, and lotto and email scams. He urged everyone to call Crime-Stoppers if anything suspicious is observed.

California Highway Patrol: Not present

Parks Commission: Paul Teixeira not present

SLO Planning Staff: Brian Pedrotti reported the following:

1.  A meeting on July 6, 2009 to discuss the PCS unmanned wireless communication facility antenna which will be placed on top of a light standard at the baseball field in the Nipomo Community Park on Tefft Street.

2.  Maintenance of property that will possibly be quit-claimed to Santa Barbara County Flood Control District on the Santa Maria River levee.

3.  Neighbors of the Light House Church should be notified of the possible cell tower antenna on that property.

4. Discussion was held in reference to the reduction of Code Enforcement Department Personnel. It was noted by SCAC members that the code violations in our area will go unheeded and codes without enforcement are useless.  It was noted that the Callender/Grove area code violations are flagrant and that the Nipomo Recreation Center is a health, safety, & fire hazard and needs to be torn down.

NCSD Rep: Mike Winn noted that of the “Andrews’s road abatement” property along the Santa Maria River area, 10 parcels may be quit-claimed to Santa Barbara County. However, he recommends three of the 10 parcels, near where the proposed new supplemental water pipeline goes through, be transferred to the NCSD instead of Santa Barbara County Flood Control District. Istar Holliday mentioned that county boundaries will remain the same. Mike said the EIR for the Santa Maria Pipeline was approved. The cost will be $21 million. There will be a vote in the Fall of 2009 for residents in four water supplier areas to approve an assessment to pay for the pipeline. To be approved, 51% of the votes submitted must be yes.

Informational Presentation:

Dana Adobe: Mr. Joe Dana, President of the Dana Adobe Amigos introduced other members of the Dana Amigos, Mr. Herb Kandel, Mrs. Marina Washburn and Stephanie Franks. The Amigos primary goal is to make the 100 additional acres that was purchased by the County to be leased to the Adobe Property for 99 years and make it available for public access and use. He announced that over 1100 school children visited the Adobe this past year. Their goal is to make the acreage available and safe for all children to play in and enjoy activities there. The lease is available for review on the County website and that its approval is on the Supervisors’ consent agenda for the next morning.

He announced on July 18 the Dana Adobe will host a Dana Family Reunion in which over 200 Danas will be present. On the 19th the Dana Adobe Rancho Nipomo Heritage Days will re-enact the wedding of Maria Dana and Henry Tefft with period costumes for members of the wedding party and guests.

Public Comment:

Mike Winn noted that a meeting on June 11 was held by the NCSD to discuss an energy program for the entire county. He said the SLO County budget is to be done by June 30.

He mentioned that it is important to monitor water levels in the coastal sentinel wells on the Mesa to make sure there is no invasion of sea water. He reported that the California Conservation Corps is presently hiring young people for summer work to do work projects in the area such as clearing trails and grooming parks.  The contact person for the CCC is Bill Nolan, phone: 215-2480.

Jim Harrison noted a June 18 meeting was held in Grover Beach in which was discussed our need to be less dependent on oil and looking more at sustainable alternative energy sources.

Old Business:

Light House Church cell/antenna tower: Chairman Dan Gaddis & Istar Holliday said the request for a cell/antenna tower on the Light House Church Property will be postponed to the July 27th SCAC meeting.

Joint CAC Chair meetings: Dan Gaddis also confirmed that the Community Advisory Council (CAC) Chairs of the various Advisory Councils will continue to have, twice per Fiscal Year, joint CAC Chair meetings in the future. Their next meeting will be on August 14, 2009.

Planning Commission Public Hearing of the Conservation & Open Space Element: It was discussed that several upcoming meetings by the Planning Commission will be held to discuss the various Chapters of this Element. Air quality resources & energy resources chapters were to be discussed on June 25th. Water resources & biological resources on July 6th. Visual resources, cultural resources, & the Final EIR on July 23rd. Soil resources, open space resources, & mineral resources on July 30th. Dan Gaddis & Mike Winn will attend on June 25th, Dan Gaddis, Elaine Thomas, & Istar Holliday on July 6th, & Vince Edwards on July 23rd. Various other members of the SCAC Board will also attend different meetings.

Dan Gaddis & the SCAC members noted that the County’s Conservation & Open Space Element would like to cut down on vehicle mileage driven and resulting greenhouse gas/carbon dioxide emissions in the County. The SCAC also notes that the County’s Strategic Growth Principles, when applied to communities like Nipomo that don’t have local employment & shopping infrastructure in place; push for higher density housing on land parcels resulting in more vehicle mileage on the roads and freeways & more emissions, instead of less, which is the goal of the Conservation & Open Space Element.

New Business:

Public Hearing of Draft/Housing Element: Will be on Monday, July 6, 2009 at 8:45 a.m. at the Board of Supervisor’s chambers in SLO.

Cell/Antenna Tower on Picacho Ranch Property: Proposed cell tower on the Picacho Rancho property was discussed.  Istar Holliday moved, seconded by El-Jay Hansson that we approve the construction of this tower which is located at 2130 Highway 101, Arroyo Grande.  Motion passed.

Hill Street name change: There was a proposal from Global Premier, developers of the Roosevelt Arms project to change the names of Hill Street & Spruce Lane to Roosevelt Street.  The name change had been denied at the County level. The SCAC agreed with the denial. Istar Holliday will send a letter to County to indicate the SCAC concurs with the denial of the name change.

Conoco-Phillips This is for a conditional use permit for operations to be expanded to a maximum of 48,950 barrels per day. Discussion followed and it was agreed that further clarification was needed concerning any increases in traffic or air quality emissions. El-Jay Hansson moved, second by Vince McCarthy that a letter from SCAC be written requesting further clarification.

County’s Anti Gang Strategic Plan: Public Safety Representative Richard Wright reported the following: That the County’s Anti-Gang Coordinating Commission had presented its Strategic Plan to the Board of Supervisors on June 2nd. The Board of Supervisors “Received and Filed” the report. The Committee had three sub-committees; “Prevention, Detection, and Suppression”, “Rehabilitation”, & “Re-entry”. Each sub-committee had established recommendations to reduce the magnitude, frequency and violence of gang activity in the County. Two of the recommendations for this year were the development of an anti-graffiti ordinance and the development of a graffiti abatement program. Due to a lack of funding, the other recommendations will be stretched out over the next 2 ½ years. Additionally, in communication with Kim Barratt the Chief Probation Officer she said, that in their “reaching out efforts to the community”, they missed inviting the SCAC to prior Commission meetings. She indicated that the SCAC would be invited in the future.

Committee Reports:

Land Use Committee:

Laetitia Property: Istar Holliday and El-Jay Hansson noted that the review/study by Fugro West in reference to water studies by Cleath & Associates found their testing was flawed. There are questions regarding the methods used and the period of time in the water pumping tests. Furgo reportedly was requested by the County to make a more detailed study. It was suggested the County may go back to the applicant for even further tests.

Code Enforcement: Istar Holliday will write a letter to County questioning the advisability of reducing Code Enforcement personnel positions as previously discussed in this meeting.

Traffic & Circulation Committee: No items reported.

Next SCAC meeting is July 27, 2009.

Meeting adjourned at 10:05 p.m.


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