Marijuana Dispensary Slated for Nipomo

On Monday, 01/18/10, at 9:00 a.m. the Land Use Committee of the South County Advisory Committee will hear a presentation by an applicant for a 4000 square foot marijuana dispensary  in Nipomo, at 425B N. Frontage Road.

If you are not familiar with the area, below are some photos below to help orient and identify the location:


This is the front door of the proposed dispensary.  It is currently unoccupied in a large complex right off Frontage Road.


Here’s a view of the proposed dispensary and all the buildings adjacent, looking toward the east.


Immediately to the west is the business Statewide Safety and Signs


Facing immediately to the south, from the proposed location.


It is in the building essentially located at the corner of Frontage and Lindon


Looking north up Frontage Road.


Looking South down Frontage towards the Nipomo Swapmeet


The proposed dispensary is located less than 2/10 of a mile from the Nipomo Swapmeet.

You can read the entire application here. The pertinent data on the applicants, based on the application forms is:

Land Owner:  Brent Gross, P.O. Box 222091 Carmel, CA 93922 (831) 626-1100

Applicant:  Robert D. Brody, 662 Quail Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90065 (213) 500-5624

The first meeting on Monday 01/18/10 is before the SCAC Land Use Committee.  The full SCAC will hear the applicants’ petition on 01/25/10 at 6:30 p.m.  Both hearings will be at the NCSD building at 148 S. Wilson, Nipomo, CA 93444.  If you have an opinion about whether Nipomo is an appropriate location for a Marijuana dispensary you may want to attend one or both meetings and express your opinion.

Some considerations about marijuana dispensaries in San Luis Obispo County:

Just last week, Cal Coast News ran an article describing how one medical doctor has been accused by co-workers of writing medical marijuana recommendations for almost anyone who asked.  Cal Coast has a plethora of other posts/articles on marijuana related issues and dispensaries in San Luis Obispo County.  Do we want to bring those issues and potential similar events to Nipomo?

Regardless how you might feel about the propriety of current drug laws or marijuana’s legalization the real question for Nipomo residents is whether they feel that Nipomo is an appropriate place for such a marijuana dispensary.  And, do we want to interject into Nipomo the kinds and types legal and other issues that will surely arise from such a dispensary?  What benefits would such a dispensary bring to the community?

The real property owner Brent Gross, has a mailing address of Carmel Valley, over 166 miles away.  The applicant, Robert D. Brody, lists his address as Los Angeles, CA, over 180 miles from Nipomo.  Neither of these gentlemen appear to have any local ties to Nipomo.  They do not live here, do not work here, do not send their children to school here, and probably don’t spend money either here or in our county.  In short, one of them owns land upon which a vacant building stands.  The other appears to want to make money running a marijuana dispensary.

Again, if you have an opinion about whether Nipomo is the appropriate location for a marijuana dispensary, you should plan to attend one or both of these meetings scheduled to hear presentations of this project and potentially listen to the applicant talk about this project.  The first round of hearings (both dates) are before our local SCAC committee, at the NCSD building 148 S. Wilson, Nipomo, CA.  They in turn will make recommendations to the San Luis Obispo County Planning Department.  While there is no guarantee that Planning will follow the SCAC recommendations, Nipomo’s preferences and concerns certainly carry great weight with our local Supervisor, Katcho.


8 thoughts on “Marijuana Dispensary Slated for Nipomo

  1. “And, do we want to interject into Nipomo the kinds and types legal and other issues that will surely arise from such a dispensary?”

    What kinds and types would you be referring to? Possibly the LEGAL users of this plant under prop 215. This would be no different than having a “local pharmacy” in Nipomo.
    What benefits would such a dispensary bring to the community?”

    Tax dollars which would be great for the incorporation effort.

  2. At the least, this gateway drug should not be available until the conflicts between Federal and State laws are resolved. No matter the touted benefit to the sick, the result of a location to obtain this product will draw an unsavory crowd to our community. If in doubt, just look at the pictures of the outstanding citizens shown around a dispensary when it is busted. If we must destroy an element of decency in our community, then let it be from a local resident who will also reap the results of the act.

  3. First off the Gateway drug theory is a joke. If your going to debate you had better find something more sturdy to stand on than that. This location is by a swapmeet and no other major community features. You are also assuming that all users of this herb are unsavory. There are more successful people that use marijuana for medicinal purpouses than you may think. And as for the DEA busts the Obama Admin has already covered this for you.

  4. First, I have 25 years of experience to safely announce the fact that marijuana is a gateway drug. It is not true that all who use the drug become addicted to harder narcotics just as a drink does not make an alcoholic.
    As to the type of citizen using the dispensaries, look to the booking photos just two weeks ago from the Santa Barbara dispensary bust. Not your highest quality citizen. Los Angeles County just announced a large cut back on the number of allowed facilities. (Maybe this is why the parties for this dispensary are trying to relocate) These locations are not like a pharmacy in that the Food and Drug has not approved the properties as effective. Medications from a pharmacy have been tested and approved to heal or aid in an actual diagnosed ailment.
    As to the ACLU, and AG Holder statement, the proof will be in just how long Mr Obama will be in office. The ACLU, if you research it you will see it was founded by Communists dedicated to disrupting the US through our own laws. I would never want to be on their side.

  5. Are you saying that you have 25 years experience of smoking marijuana? What is this “experience” that qualifies you to make the analysis of the gateway drug theory? you cant assume that every person that uses a medical marijuana dispensery is a drug addict. There are many legitimate people that use this as a medicine why you would want to deprive them of their right to receive their meds is beyond me. Marijuana has been tested as well. Look up a medicine called Marinol. And please explain to me why we have probabition on a plant yet this pill has the exact same effects and is legal? California was one of the first to realize that the plant form is far better in treating ailments than the pill, which is why Prop 215 was passed.

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  7. Mr Frost my wife was diagnosed a year ago with Uterine cancer and under went a series of surgeries to remove as much of the cancer as possible. During the follow up Chemotherapy she became violently ill and none of the currently available pharmaceuticals would alleviate the symptoms. Her doctor recommended we try medical marijuana. After obtaining a card we went on to try it to stimulate appetite and eliminate nausea.It was much more effective than the prescription drugs she had tried which by the way were $150.00 per tablet and not covered by our medical insurance as they deemed it a comfort drug. This was considered our last resort when her weight reached 103 lbs. You must ask yourself if you were holding one of your loved ones who was dying in your arms would you be willing to try Marijuana. I’m a 60 year old citizen who has more than paid his dues to society. Please don’t be so quick to label people until you have the facts as to what’s going on in their lives.Should you or a loved one ever need to use Marijuana wouldn’t you want to know it was available. Isn’t that what we voted for?

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