San Luis Obispo County 4th District Candidates Speak On Issues At NICE Forum


On a rainy Saturday morning on February 6, 2010 176 South County residents filled the Avila Room at the Trilogy Golf Resort to hear the three candidates for the San Luis Obispo County’s 4th District seat.  The candidates in alphabetical order:  Jim Guthrie, Paul Teixeira, and Mike Zimmerman answered questions from the audience for two hours at the moderated Candidate’s Forum.  Dave Congalton of Home Town Radio, KVEC 920 A.M. moderated the forum before the largest political candidate forum ever held in Nipomo.  There were 63 questions submitted, but we only had time for candidates to answer 22.

Below are my rough notes of the forum including the opening statements, questions, answers and closing by each of the candidates.  They are not meant to be verbatim, but rather my best recollection of the content of their comments.


Paul Teixeira


Jim Guthrie


Mike Zimmerman

Jim Guthrie Opening

Thanks all for attending.  Many challenges over coming years.  Requires thoughtful leadership.  Has been dealing with issues last 9 years on Arroyo Grande City Council.  Provided development where makes sense and does no harm.  Has endorsement of many local politicians, including two sitting supervisors, and two sitting NCSD members.  Hopes to be Supervisor.  Facing difficult fiscal choices in San Luis Obispo County.  Has experience with fiscal matters. Manager of spyglass Inn.  Hard choices coming for SLO county and is ready to meet them.  Believes can bring good solutions to 4th District and Nipomo.

Mike Zimmerman Opening

Appreciates attendance.  Thanks to NICE.  Introduces family.  Background grew up in Modesto and Arroyo Grande CA.  Public schools, Modesto Jr. College, then Cal Poly.  Took farm management, graduated with a Masters of Science.  Met wife Joan, married during Cal Poly education.  Joan’s dad an attorney.  He suggested Mike go to law school.  Accepted Western State University Law School.  Moved to Fullerton while in law school.  Practiced with father in law, for 31 years in trusts estates, real estate.  Has good background in law.  Believes well suited for 4th District supervisor.  Local bar association board director.  4H experience, dealing with pork.

Paul Teixeira Opening

Thanks NICE.  Lived Nipomo last 40 years.  Introduced family.  Running because loves area and wants it to stay same.  School Board and park commissioners.  Involved in Jack’s Helping Hand  Dana Adobe, Rotary, FFA and 4H as well.  Return county to sense of community.  Improve quality of health care in SLO county.  Improve mobility of county, improving roads.  additional recreation.  provide resources to properly address growing drug problem.  Improve public trust in county government.  Eliminate waste in county government.  Need to look at all ideas to improve county.  Thanks for attendance.

Medical Marijuana–What is your position on marijuana dispensaries in the unincorporated areas of San Luis Obispo County?

Jim Guthrie

Too much conflict between state and federal law.  Too ambiguous state law.  Same position as his position on the Arroyo Grande  City Council.  Too limited police resources.  Not in favor of dispensaries in any unincorporated areas.  Spoke against it at SCAC meeting in Nipomo.

Paul Teixeira

On school board deals with drug issues on regular basis.  Marijuana problem in area getting worse.  Also spoke against here dispensary in Nipomo at SCAC meting.  Needs to be dealt with by medical professionals, i,e, trained pharmacists.  Doesn’t  believe in half baked ideas as this plan is currently.

Mike Zimmerman

All agree on this issue.  Federal law its illegal.  Morro Bay distributor convicted.  Not enough law enforcement in Nipomo.  Also at SCAC meeting the other night and spoke against it.  Hundreds of dispensaries shut down in Los Angeles. The only reason to come is to buy marijuana.  Problems can occur after the purchase.  Applicant hasn’t dealt with this issue.  The current board of supervisors should impose moratorium.

Energy and Off Shore Oil Drilling

Paul Teixeira

Need to explore solar farms.  Feds asking us to be more energy efficient.  County prefect location for solar.  Wildlife concerns addressed.  personally supports off shore oil drilling.  Energy Department created to wean us off foreign oil, hasn’t happened.  Need to develop alternate energy sources.  We need wind and solar power and for now oil drilling.

Mike Zimmerman

Need increased solar projects.  It will help with unemployment.  Environmental concerns   can be addressed.  We have better off shore oil technology.  We  should go after those resources now and use existing platforms.  Will create new jobs and tax revenue.

Jim Guthrie

No to off shore oil drilling.  Recent plan to use current platforms.  Supports renewable energy.  Believes EIR will show mitigations available on solar energy.  Have to keep open mind as public official.

SMART Growth and Nipomo

Mike Zimmerman

Is a term of art, doesn’t mean it is actually smart.  May actually be dumb growth.  County already on this track, but born out of extreme environmentalism.  This extremism has shut off water top valley farmers.  When you cut off jobs over extreme environmental position something is wrong. Idea sounds good.  Want all building to occur within certain boundary.  Have higher density in those boundaries.  Example in Templeton.  Neighbors there didn’t want it though.  Take to logical extension, very dense home building, grid lock.  In Nipomo doesn’t see it working well.  Embrace what works.

Jim Guthrie

Look at big picture.  Generally higher density requires fewer resources including water.  Potential to reduce drive times and green house gases.  execution of smart growth, have to take what you can get, based on his experience in Arroyo Grande.  Templeton example good.  Supervisors should have denied.  Look at what community and market will support.  Leaders should exercise judgment.

Paul Teixeira

Good and bad points to it.  In SLO have some high density that makes sense.  In Nipomo we want rural community–why we came here.  We don’t want high density especially on the mesa.  People need to decide what they want.  If we don’t want high density need to speak up.  Perhaps room else where but not in Nipomo.

What will help Old Towne complete their improvements

Jim Guthrie

Built infrastructure in advance a problem.  Also on wrong side of freeway, another problem.  This why it lacks development.  When Vons came to west side hurt Old Towne.  Once first building is built, then development will take off.

Paul Teixeira

40 years ago it was just Nipomo not old town. Likes east side charm.  Rexall, barber shop, Jockos.  Whatever we can do to help we need to do.  Major mistake was post office move.  Many on east side have p.o. boxes.  They used to walk to get mail now don’t. Putting the post office back would help greatly.  All kinds of things down there now.

Mike Zimmerman

East side is a special place in Nipomo.  Envisions old town developing into something like the Arroyo Grande Village. Tefft street mess over freeway is deterrent on west side.  Get more off ramps and on ramps will help relieve congestion.  This in turn will help open opportunities for east side development.  Need more tax dollars to come to Nipomo to help incorporation.

Water and Nipomo

Mike Zimmerman

Water most important issue in growth.  Many have attended water meetings.  Aquifer experts saying all out of same pool.  Concern re: salt water intrusion.  Make certain we don’t over draft.  Not al lot of choices.  Cut back on use, or find new sources.  NCSD getting water from Santa Maria.  Supposed state water and court mandated.  About $23 million.  Possible assessment district.  Should look at desalination for water as well.  If we don’t start looking for other sources ocean is what’s left.

Jim Guthrie

Water is important issue all over county  Oceano and Pismo probably only ones with sufficient for their build out.  Currently connection to Santa Maria best solution for now, Not sure if court mandated.  Need other sources. Desalation is very far off.  Northern cities have been working on that, but is difficult to achieve.  Recycled water also an option.  Need a regional solution.  Use surface water, recycled, desalination in combination.

Paul Teixeira

East side mostly affected by water shortage, more so than mesa.  Many wells on mesa.  We need water, doesn’t know if pipe line right answer.  Desalination good idea.  If we started 10 years ago be further ahead. Ten years ago should have purchased state water.  Doesn’t think spending $24 million is good idea for pipeline.  May need to use reclaimed water on some projects.  Santa Maria water table higher than 10 years ago Better agriculture techniques now.

Development How To Spur

Paul Teixeira

Nipomo needs some growth in east side.  Also need affordable housing for normal working person.  Don’t have it here in Nipomo.  Have some self help projects, good idea, sweat equity good way to get housing starts.  Need place for people who work locally to live.

Mike Zimmerman

Low cost housing needed all areas.  School fees and permitting about $70K before breaking ground.  Hard to have affordable housing with these costs.  Need to find areas to build affordable housing.  Need to cut costs to help.  Spur development most people want controlled development.  Don’t want run away building.  Once economy improves will see more development, but affordable housing important.

Jim Guthrie

Affordable housing an important need.  Take a look at fees, but are necessary.  Tefft interchange shows fees important to improve road and water systems to handle additional growth.  Past fees not high enough which happened here in Nipomo.  Arroyo Grande successful because collecting fees for some time.  County now behind and collecting higher fees.  Fees not alone impediment to development.  When economy and market comes back so will development.  But work force housing absolutely key.  Need more affordable housing on small lots.

Why do you want to be supervisor

Jim Guthrie

Key time and challenging.  Significant changes in county to prepare us for future.  In Arroyo Grande they went a.g. went through contentious time.  If we plan ahead improve how county operates, can thrive in future.  Much has to take place on county level and he has experience to implement and prepare change for future.  Cares about county and its future.

Paul Teixeira

Lived in Nipomo over 40 years, loves area.  Wants to serve community he loves, which is what he has done.  Can’t see passing current seat to someone not involved in our community.  We know what we want, and what we have.  Won’t turn back on friends.  Have serious work to do with economic downturn.  Need to get back to work, take care of kids.  Keep drugs out of school.

Mike Zimmerman

Doesn’t need a job.  Direction of county, doesn’t like it.  More regulations farmers ranchers.  Changing grading requirements for farmers.  Business owner comes with different perspective to county government on what it takes to make business run and create jobs.  More regulations may seem like good ideas but businesses can’t take it.  Katcho excellent voice for business owners.  Wants to continue for business people and property owners.  Keep government intrusion out of our lives as much as possible.

Tefft Street Traffic

Mike Zimmerman

Doesn’t make sense one off ramp for Nipomo. Plays golf on mesa all the time.  Idea waiting through all the signals ridiculous.  Not too expensive to have on ramp off ramp other side of freeway and a good idea.  Having additional on off ramps alleviate much of Tefft street corridor.  Would look into this w/ Cal Trans.  Perhaps moving Tefft street off ramps down on frontage.  Traffic planners can study .

Jim Guthrie

Willow is funded.  First improvement.  Don’t know if it will go to Thompson.  Key to make certain Willow Road is built and also Frontage Road too.  Many go to great lengths not to go on Tefft Street.  Other interchanges dependent on studies to be done.  Cal Trans doesn’t want to be bothered with this, leave Tefft as a monster interchange.  Additional interchange is essential, Southland is good location.  Will be a long process.

Paul Teixeira

Tefft is a mess.  Cal Trans wants to make it bigger and better.  But also want to put local businesses out of business.  Need to get Willow Road done.  Southland is good project if Cal Trans will allow.  We need help from Cal Trans.  This is not rocket science.  Cal Trans has ignored us for many years.  Willow Road important.  We need this as a whole.  Needs to be done for good of community.  Take truck traffic off mesa.  166 hooked to Division directly then to 101 take trucks out of community.

Housing–Fair Share South County

Paul Teixeira

High density a problem in Nipomo.  Have low cost property attractive to developers over the years.  County and state has allowed this in Nipomo.  Other communities and cities need to share.  Not fair for Nipomo to take brunt of this housing without other communities sharing along with Nipomo.

Mike Zimmerman

Attended number of meetings in Nipomo.  People unhappy with county.  Feeling here is county dumps undesirable projects here marijuana dispensary example.  Stick to your guns.

Jim Guthrie

Most housing development here driven by land prices.  Doesn’t think county has dumped low cost housing here.  Need to solve problems in Nipomo before moving forward with additional housing.  Need infrastructure first before more development.

Conversion of Agricultural Land To Urban Use

Jim Guthrie

In Arroyo Grande has dealt with this.  Haven’t converted any in Arroyo Grande.  Only support if it was totally infill.  Not in favor of conversions generally.  Can find other locations for residential.  If location makes sense for overall development and not on class 1 or 2 lands may support.

Paul Teixeira

Support private property rights.  People should be able to do what they want with their property.  Should be able to do what they want within reason.  People with property may want a granny unit, or don’t want to farm anymore, and aren’t allowed to do this.  County requirements are burdensome.  People who own agricultural land and if project makes sense, then he supports converting.  Woodlands development once agricultural land.  Turned worthless sand dune into beautiful community.  Same with Black Lake.  Prime agricultural land take real hard look.  Property owner should be able to do what wants.

Mike Zimmerman

Agrees with Paul, property owner should have rights to do what they want that is reasonable.  Nice to be able to have a family home on the farm/ranch even if agricultural.  Class 1 or 2 depends on location.  Dalidio property didn’t want to farm any more.  Was island in middle of city.  Would be in favor of these types of developments,  property rights win out in right circumstance

Vehicles on Beach/Dunes

Mike Zimmerman

Dunes for tourism and ATV’s essential to tourism of economy of area.  Not in favor of closing dunes to vehicles.  Look carefully at studies that suggest negative effects.  Need good science before shutting down dunes to vehicles.

Jim Guthrie

Favors keeping vehicles on dunes.  County should look at whether sell or lease land.  Air pollution study, need to take a closer look.  There are questions need better look and see what actual impacts are on Nipomo.  Mesa residents see clouds every day and particulate matter on cars.  Vehicle part of dunes may be over stated as essential, but is a key piece and a source of recreation many people like to do.

Paul Teixeira

Agrees with others on beach access.  Believes should increase area for vehicles.  Is important to local economies, including surrounding incorporated cities.  Doesn’t support selling property, but might support expanding.  Taking trees out took out greatest filter.  Take harder look at studies.

Nipomo Community Park-Community Center?

Paul Teixeira

Original design of community center by medical center near Dana School.  But ended up next to little Jockos.  Unfortunate went by way side.  Met with Katcho and parks re: community center in park.  Need one somewhere and needs to be high traffic area.

Mike Zimmerman

Need community center Nipomo.  At Dana Adobe meeting where park considered, and also possible site for community center.  Miller Park potential area, but doesn’t know if community would agree.  If room for community center there would be in favor if enough parking and infrastructure.  Edwards barn used for events.  Would like special zoning for Edwards Barn for more benefits for them and community.

Jim Guthrie

Lots of potential uses in park, and community center would generate a greater amount of traffic.  Not sure park best location.  Perhaps best located near freeway.  If looking at just a meeting location, look to private property, i.e., Trilogoy or other locations.  Need to verify demand for community center not just desire.  Just because there was one given change over the years doesn’t mean we need one today.

Nipomo Incorporation

Jim Guthrie

No problem supporting incorporation if affordable.  Looking forward suggests an area plan lays out what potential development would be to see if it’s possible.  Incorporation concerns could be accomplished through a vigorous area plan instead of incorporating.  Or go through general plan process.  But is in favor if it is affordable.

Paul Teixeira

Incorporation will come in time; but, the time is not now.  Gridlock on Tefft.  For incorporation to work need to stand alone, can’t do that right now.  Possbily in the next 5 to 7 years.  Something needs to be addressed.  Doesn’t know if it will happen.  Is a community decision.  Behind it if community is.

Mike Zimmerman

Not opposed.  Need to have boundaries.  Then it goes to LAFCO.  Series of things that have to happen.  Hasn’t been new city in CA since 2003.  County has to be revenue neutral.  Need sufficient sales tax to provide services.  Many don’t want to see big development that is where sales tax comes from.  Wal Mart in Arroyo Grande has been important to their tax base.

Huasna Valley Oil Drilling Project

Mike Zimmerman

Against drilling is Huasna Valley.  Prior wells not properly cleaned up.  12 more wells proposed.  County needs to make certain they clean up the mess.  Doubts there is sufficient oil there to support the project and make it worth the expense.  Traffic impact on Huasna Road also a concern.

Jim Guthrie

Opposed to drilling in this area.  Oil a messy business, with history of a mess in the past when tried before.  Need to look at impacts and cumulative effects.  In future much larger operation to make economically feasible.  Not a positive thing.

Paul Teixeira

Water is critical component.  Water scarce out there.  Many are dry farmers.  Believes water would be needed.  Traffic impacts would be negative.  Air quality would impacted as well.  Track record not good.  In past left a mess.  How much oil really can they get out of the area?

Suey Ranch County Line Move

Paul Teixeira

Personally thinks county line fine the way it is.  River makes a good definition between the two counties.  If motive is development then that is important factor.  Might benefit property owner, but not a good match.  Leave as they are.

Mike Zimmerman

Hasn’t looked into project.  Not current issue, but need to be benefit for San Luis County and benefit for Nipomo to agree. Without such a benefit would not favor this change.  Water, if great benefit for Nipomo, possibly, but would have to see the benefits.  No one could buy vote.

Jim Guthrie

Has come up a couple of times.  River an artificial division between counties.  Would not support.  Most supervisors against currently.  Applicant contributor to Mike’s campaign.

Differences between candidates

Jim Guthrie

Significantly more experience dealing with issues facing Nipomo, land use, because of his city council experience.  Key difference is impact to entire area not just immediate area or developer.  Only candidate with real business experience 25 years running hotels and experience with budgets.

Paul Teixeira

History living more than 40 years in Nipomo.  Can walk the walk talk the talk.  Familiar with planning and public works.  Has to deal with relationships.  Would culminate his career as volunteer in community.  Need to work with people.  Managed business last 15 years.  Good family and friends in area.  Can and will do good for county.

Mike Zimmerman

Supervisors cross section of issues they confront.  Several lawsuits.  Ordinances must be passed.  Only one with legal experience.  Difference between managing business with someone else’s money vs. owning own business.  Has dealt with payroll issues.  Different mindset when you own the business when buck stops with you.  Can bring with common sense to board of supervisors.

Poor Nipomo Roads

Mike Zimmerman

Roads are expense item.  Economy down, county currently out of money.  Need priority in needs, fix sewer or pot holes.  Look at problems and prioritize what first and what next, and on and on.  As economy improves then more revenues.  For now not a lot of money available for road improvement.  Priorities are key.

Jim Guthrie

Arroyo Grande residents allowed tax increase.  They made list of priorities from citizens.  Currently you see road improvements even in tough times.  Essential to have consensus in community to trust officials with doing what they say.  Government follow through on promises required.

Paul Teixeira

Look at taxes already collected for road improvements.  Hasn’t see gas taxes used down here in a long time. Look at best use of money for projects.  Example of eucalyptus trees taken down and then to dump rather than cut up.  Use money and tax dollars wisely.

How would you fit in the current Board of Supervisors

Paul Teixeira

Doesn’t see problem working with other supervisors.  Knows all the others from prior experiences.  Need to collaborate to get things done.  Paul does that and works well with others and with county.  Tries hard to do best for south county.

Mike Zimmerman

Gets along with most everyone.  No benefit being mean or calling people names.  Need to work through issues even though differences of opinions.  He is proponent of business and private property rights.  Will bring skills of mediation and argument to the board of supervisors.  This is a servant’s job.  Board members supposed to help residents.  Let’s see how we can get things done.  Look at all sides of the issues, have an open mind and not have pre conceived ideas.

Jim Guthrie

History on Arroyo Grande City Council, very collaborative while he’s involved.  Endorsements of two current sitting supervisors.  Has history of working with council in Arroyo Grande.   Can also work with current supervisors.  Los Osos sewer moved forward once supervisors took over and a consensus and collaboration achieved.  Willow road another example.  County staff jumped on opportunity and consensus on board to get the job done.


Jim Guthrie

Seen clear differences some issues and similarities too.  Key is 9 years experience and voting record on Arroyo Grande City Council.  Considers both impact and development issues.  Look at business history is a fiscal conservative.  Will bring support of many leaders in community too.  Consensus essential to solving county’s problems.  Has met many in Nipomo.

Mike Zimmerman

Appreciates being here.  Lots of support of campaign in community, including former supervisor Brackett and many others here and not today.  Support in all areas of the district.  We listen to all concerns get to work and try to solve.  Has done this for 30 years solving problems for clients.  Thinks outside box.  Visited two thousand homes in Nipomo.  Appreciates all in attendance.

Paul Teixeira

Hopes everyone appreciates what you do.  Has done many projects and volunteering in community.  Is fiscally responsible.  Need to look at whole picture.  Look at compassion and wherewithal of person to do the job.  We are grass roots campaign.  Appreciates vote and support.  Not lots of sponsors, but comes from the ground.  fFnd a better candidate vote for him.

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To see all photos of the forum, they are posted at this link.


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