The 4th Amendment and Questions for SLO County Sheriff Candidates Joe Cortez and Ian Parkinson

There’s a disturbing post over at KCCN.TV about a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s raid on the home of San Luis Obispo County citizen Matt Hart, a north county resident.  Included in the post is a 22 minute video comprised of some actual footage and recordings of the sheriff’s raid on Matt Hart’s home in 2008, which documents some actual conversations of the sheriff’s deputies involved.  The video is also part of a written opinion piece by the site’s owner, which you can see here.

Certainly the web site owner has an agenda.  Still, the video excerpts are disturbing.  Is the 4th Amendment under assault by law enforcement?  Did the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies who responded to this particular call go too far and abuse their discretion, violating the 4th Amendment rights of Matt Hart?  My collegue Louis Koory, Esq. a well seasoned civl and criminal trial lawyer is interviewed in this “documentary” as is a former San Luis Obispo Police officer.  They raise some troubling questions about this particular raid.  Questions I would like to hear the two Sheriff’s candidates answer.

How do our current Sheriff Candidates Joe Cortez and Ian Parkinson feel about this raid?  How do they feel about the 4th Amendment?  I am going to post links to this video and article to their Facebook pages and invite them to comment.  I would like to hear their responses.  How about you?  Joe.  Ian.  Any comments?