The 4th Amendment and Questions for SLO County Sheriff Candidates Joe Cortez and Ian Parkinson

There’s a disturbing post over at KCCN.TV about a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s raid on the home of San Luis Obispo County citizen Matt Hart, a north county resident.  Included in the post is a 22 minute video comprised of some actual footage and recordings of the sheriff’s raid on Matt Hart’s home in 2008, which documents some actual conversations of the sheriff’s deputies involved.  The video is also part of a written opinion piece by the site’s owner, which you can see here.

Certainly the web site owner has an agenda.  Still, the video excerpts are disturbing.  Is the 4th Amendment under assault by law enforcement?  Did the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies who responded to this particular call go too far and abuse their discretion, violating the 4th Amendment rights of Matt Hart?  My collegue Louis Koory, Esq. a well seasoned civl and criminal trial lawyer is interviewed in this “documentary” as is a former San Luis Obispo Police officer.  They raise some troubling questions about this particular raid.  Questions I would like to hear the two Sheriff’s candidates answer.

How do our current Sheriff Candidates Joe Cortez and Ian Parkinson feel about this raid?  How do they feel about the 4th Amendment?  I am going to post links to this video and article to their Facebook pages and invite them to comment.  I would like to hear their responses.  How about you?  Joe.  Ian.  Any comments?


4 thoughts on “The 4th Amendment and Questions for SLO County Sheriff Candidates Joe Cortez and Ian Parkinson

  1. If anyone in the Central Coast area knows Mr. Hart personally, please refer him to The largest group of gun owners in CA would like to assist if at all possible with the return of his firearms and/or legal defense.

  2. Jason Davis/Attorney for calguns :
    My understanding is that Mr. Davis is working with another Attorney to overturn SLO DA,s and Judge Harmon,s decision to illegally charge an innocent person and let the real law breakers off scott free

    Those kidnapping gun stealing, conspiritors need to be locked up and Hart needs to be re-emburst for every penny the cops and county cost him all the way back to when they handcuffed and beat him, then charged him with lies in which the police were caught, thats why they gave him his innocence but at a cost of his job of 20 years+, his health and finances. Then the deal the DA made with Hart, well they lied to him screwing his chances for gainful employment so a man who spent his life making it safe for others to work is ruined both financially-physically-and now his good name and then you have guys like Parkinson who’s running for county sheriff who obviously didn’t do his homework making statement,s as if they were writtin right out of the dirty sheriff,s playbook and show us all that he will not be on the peoples side but the dirty cops side. Don,t misunderstand I know there are some great sheriff,s as long as they don,t turn there heads to the bad ones! We need a pro Constitution MAN for Sheriff and one who is not afraid to stand up to the DA,s or any other slime in this county. And one who is not only pro 4th but pro 2nd and 1st and all the rest as long as they are not in conflict with the LAW OF THE LAND- The United States Constitution. Mr Cortez I hope you would like Ca. become as free as the states that surround this one. If not we have no choices in this race. I do think Parkinson is a puppet for the sheriff,s unions but I hope I’m wrong although he does strike me as one who thinks only LEO,s should have guns and is anti ccwp,s. Too many skeletons maybe Mr. P.

  3. To all whom it may concern, the day after thanksgiving, last year I was falsly arrested I had two custom long guns taken for safe keeping. I have a clean record still, I have had charges dissmissed but my life was ruined by the san luis sheriff department!! I was questioned after invoking councel, I had my home and buissness searched, I was evicted and fired over sheriffs blatant tresspassing my wife was harassed, my customers dog was tazed! I have been a victum. It will amaze and prove slo dep. are scripting exigent circumstances to illegally seize guns and safes! And the dissparaging actions of DA are keeping people from being able to cry out for anything but a pleabargain!!

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