Marijuana Dispensary Slated for Nipomo–Round Two

As unbelievable as it sounds, San Luis Obispo County is once again considering Nipomo as the location for a marijuana dispensary, despite the overwhelming opposition of Nipomo residents to a similar project almost two years ago.  See local media reports here and here.  The South County Advisory Council (SCAC) will discuss the proposed project at their November 28, 2011 meeting held at the Nipomo Community Service District (NCSD) Board Room at 6:30 p.m.  The meeting location is 148 S. Wilson Street, Nipomo, CA.  If you have an opinion on this issue I am certain the SCAC board welcomes your input.  Please attend and express your opinion to the SCAC.

The project applicants this time are more local than the last go round; however, they still are not local to Nipomo:

Landowner:  Tri-M Rental Group, a General Partner, P.O. Box 1862, Santa Maria, CA; Telephone (805) 348-3600;

Applicant Name: David Rosenthal, 1585 15th St. Los Osos, CA; Telephone (805) 234-8163;

Agent Name: Kirby K. Gordon, Attorney at Law, 760 Mattie Road, A1, Pismo Beach, CA (805) 773-2610

For those in Nipomo who oppose a marijuana dispensary in our community your attendance at and participation in this meeting will be critical.  We need to send a message to the County Board of Supervisors that we do not want to invite this element and the inherent problems it brings into our community.

You can read a copy of the application paperwork here:  Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The proposed location for the dispensary is 115 Cuyama Lane, the site of a former golf shop over in an industrialized section of Nipomo, close to the Santa Barbara County line.  You can see an aerial view here at this link.  Below are some photos of how the location looks and some of the surrounding areas–first starting with the subject location:







Views of the surrounding area:






I have more information and comments to share in subsequent posts.  Please check back and feel free to leave comments sharing your own opinions.

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