Abel Maldonado Responds To Marijuana Dispensary Building Ownership Issue

When I returned home from dinner last evening I had received a telephone message from a Brandon Gesicki.  Mr. Gesicki identified himself as working “with” Abel Maldonado–though did not identify in what capacity he works for the former Lt. Governor, and upcoming congressional candidate for 2012.  From his website, however, it is clear Mr. Gesicki runs a political PR firm and has had long political ties to Mr. Maldonado.  At Mr. Gesicki’s request I will post the message he left on my answering machine, verbatim:

Hi this message is for Guy Murray.  My name’s Brandon, and I work with Abel Maldonado.  Just wanting to call you, and saw or had your blog pointed out to me.  Your information is incorrect.  There was a I guess medical marijuana group that approached the partnership that owns that building for rent.  They denied them.  They even went so far as to try I guess to go to the county to show that they had that they tried to buy the facility–buy the building.  Again, the group that is partially partnered with Able Maldonado denied the medical dispensary.  So I would appreciate if you would update that information.  If you have any questions you can call me at (831)   (Number redacted)         , that’s (831) (Number redacted)      .  Thank you.

I returned Mr. Gesicki’s call last evening; however, I did not hear back from him.  As of this morning’s post, he has still not returned my call.  So, Mr. Gesicki–if you’re still reading, I’m happy to speak with you.  The content of your message raises far more questions in my mind than it answers.  I look forward to speaking with you, and will be happy to post the sum and substance of our conversation if we actually speak.


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