Email From Tri-M Rental Denying Agreement To Use Facility As Marijuana Dispensary

I have just received an email from Mr.  Brandon Gesicki of the Abel Maldonado campaign.  The email is actually a forwarded email from an Eric Gamble, who represents himself as the Director of the Tri-M Rental Group.  Tri-M is the partnership which owns the subject property that has been proposed as a marijuana dispensary in Nipomo.  The email was sent to the San Luis Obispo County Planning Department, with a copy to Mr. Dan Woodson, current chair of the SCAC.  I am attaching a copy of this email here: Tri-M Email

It reads in full:

Mr. Murray,

For your information.  Please call if you have any questions.

——– Original Message ——– Subject: general application DRC2011-00024 From: eric gamble <> Date: Wed, November 23, 2011 7:50 pm To: Cc:

San Luis Obispo County Planning Dept.
RE: Minor Use permit application at 115 Cuyama Ln., Nipomo, CA
To whom it may concern,
It has come to my attention that one David Rosenthal has made application for a Minor Use Permit, reference number DRC2011-00024 through his agent and attorney, Kirby K. Gordon. This application is ostensibly for a property owned by Tri-M Rental Group at 115 Cuyama Ln, Nipomo CA. Let it be known that Mr. Gordon was and is not authorized to sign on behalf of Tri-M Rental Group as an agent or an attorney in fact.
Mr. Gordon approached us regarding his client, David Rosenthal, acquiring this property over one year ago. We declined their offer at that time. Mr. Gordon approached us again a few months ago , Tri-M Rental Group, again declined their offer.
At no time has Tri-M Rental Group authorized any person to make the above application for a use permit and as such this application should be viewed as void.
Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions or clarifications.
Eric Gamble, Director
Tri-M Rental Group
PO Box 1862 Santa Maria, CA 93456

I do not know how the county will now view this application or how it will proceed.  Clearly there are at least two versions of the facts about how this application originated, and just who is representing whom.  And, while it might be interesting to pursue which is the most accurate, in my view it just doesn’t matter for purposes of opposing the proposed marijuana dispensary in Nipomo.  My hope is that this application and project have run into sufficient barriers that it is forever derailed and that this applicant, this project will simply go away.  If I obtain any further information I will post it as it becomes available.


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