Nipomo Residents Face Vote To Protect Their Only Water Source

Today’s San Luis Obispo Tribune notes the upcoming vote  allowing Nipomo residents to protect their only water source, the underground aquifer:

Over the next seven weeks, property owners on the Nipomo Mesa will have a chance to vote on whether to pay for construction of a pipeline to bring water to the community from Santa Maria.

The Nipomo Community Services District, which is leading efforts to form an assessment district to pay for the pipeline, will mail ballots to residents by March 23 asking whether they will agree to levy a tax to cover the pipeline’s estimated $25.9 million capital cost.

The ballot period will be open until the close of a May 9 public hearing; a majority of the returned ballots is required for passage. District board members voted unanimously Wednesday to start the balloting process.

Some residents could pay from $120 to $225 a year for 30 years to fund the construction costs, though many others could pay at least double that, depending on the size of their property, type of use and other factors.

The proposed assessment district covers about 8,800 properties.

District officials say the pipeline is necessary to reduce the area’s dependency on its only source of water, an underground aquifer, and to prevent saltwater intrusion — the pollution of a freshwater aquifer by seawater creeping underground and moving inland.

Even if you were assessed the highest amount, it would be less than $20.00 a month.  That’s about five cups of Starbucks or perhaps one less movie a month.  That’s certainly a reasonable sacrifice to invest in our community’s future and it’s future water supply.  I am voting to approve this pipeline.  You can read some of the reasons why, here.


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