Questions for Lynn Compton, Candidate 4th District Supervisor

Lynn Compton

Lynn Compton, a Nipomo resident is currently running for the 4th District Supervisor seat, once held by the late Paul Teixeira.  I have some questions for her, which I tried posting to her campaign page, but they apparently would not post for some reason. Hopefully she might take some time and respond over here:

1. Supplemental Water for Nipomo, what is your current position?

2. How did you vote (assuming you live within the district) on the most recent pipeline vote?

3. How would you have voted if you were not included in the election, and why?

4. Should the NCSD currently declare a moratorium on building based on lack of water?

5. What is your position on incorporation for Nipomo?

6. Were you part of that movement while it was ongoing–why or why not?

7. What do you think of the county’s practice of placing affordable housing in Nipomo?

8. What do you think is the single largest issue facing Nipomo, and how can it be successfully resolved?

9. What is your position on the Laetitia subdivision planned for the 1,900-acre Laetitia Winery?