About Nipomo

Nipomo derives from the Chumash word “Nepomah” meaning “the foot of the hills.” Nipomo was founded in 1882 from land grants to William Goodwin Dana from Mexico. Today it is a sleepy bedroom community in the midst of growing pains, resulting from its discovery by corporate America. The purpose of Nipomo News is to post, read, discuss, and ponder events, people, and circumstances that shape our community. I invite any and all to participate.


2 thoughts on “About Nipomo

  1. Hello there
    Well I am truly looking forward to visiting your beautigul town in the month of April. I currenlt reside in the country of New Zealand. I hope that Nipomo is as fantastic as what ive been told

    Sincerly Yours

    Bruce Reid AFC,NZBM
    Wing Commander (r) RNZAF


    In this election year, “change” is the buzzword and it certainly applies to the two NCSD board positions that will be filled at the upcoming November election. Under the current directors, the NCSD has overspent their budget resulting in water and sewer rate increases on the order of 20%/yr. NCSD has alienated the Blacklake community with a $1M extortion attempt followed by an attempt to run a sewer down Mesa Road in spite of strong opposition by the community. On top of all that, NCSD proposed a set of draconian emergency water rationing measures that included turning off water to residential units and jail time!

    We need a kinder, gentler, more responsive NCSD instead of the autocratic, overspending and punitive board we have now. There are no qualifications to be a director (obviously), but personal attributes such as integrity, common sense, and a willingness to listen to the community would be welcome. Anyone running for the NCSD board with these attributes can count on a large block of votes from the Blacklake community.

    If anyone who is a registered voter in the NCSD district is interested in filling the two open Board positions, now is the time to contact the SLO County Clerk-Recorder Office at (805) 781-5228. There is also a candidate package at http://www.slocounty.ca.gov/AssetFactory.aspx?did=17052. Candidates must file a declaration of candidacy with the County Elections official by Aug 8, 2008.

    Bill Petrick
    Disgusted NCSD Customer

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