SCAC Just Says No To Pot Dispensary In Nipomo

The South County Advisory Council met Monday evening, 01/25/10 in full session to consider the application of two Los Angeles County businessmen to place a marijuana dispensary in Nipomo.  After a three hour meeting, attended by over 100 local residents, and the media, the council unanimoulsy voted to deny the application. Their recommendation will go to the San Luis Obispo County Planning Department which must now decide how to proceed in the face of Nipomo’s overwhelming opposition.  The Santa Maria Times did its usual exceptional job in covering the meeting: Continue reading


La Auténtica Michoacana Moves From Nipomo Vons Center

The Tribune reports that our local Mexican ice cream shop has moved out of the Nipomo Vons Center because the owner could not afford the rent increase: Continue reading

Adelina’s Bistro–Nipomo’s Best Kept Secret


Photo by Wall Street Journal’s W. Scott Loy

In terms of classic culinary cuisine, the Trilogy’s Adelina’s Bistro is liklely Nipomo’s, if not the entire Central Coast’s best keep secret.   We ate there, celebrating Ryan’s “graduation” dinner.  Here is an older WSJ article, but it is spot on. We’ve eaten here several times. They serve first class food in an extraordinary establishment and environment. If you live here on the Central Coast you should eat here often. If you are passing through, make certain you make the stop. You’ll be glad you did. Continue reading

Mid-State Bank Gets Rabo’d


On Friday, 8/31/07 our own local Nipomo Mid-State Bank got Rabo’d–Rabobank that is. The sign putter uppers arrived early in the morning before the bank even opened, and began the official change over. But the curious thing is that they put up the new Rabobank signs and then immediately covered them up with the old Mid-State Bank banner signs. I’m guessing that there’s an official unvailing at some future time. But, we all know what is under those mysterious Mid-State Bank banners! More photos after the jump Continue reading

Nipomo’s Papa Murphy’s Pizza Closed

The Papa Murphy’s Pizza store in Nipomo at the Von’s Center has closed.  I just walked by it yesterday and noticed the signs.  There are workers there this morning as I write this apparentlytaking out some of the equipement.  Does anyone have any idea why they closed?  And, better yet, what is going to go into their spot?  Anyone?