August 9, 2007 Planning Commission Hearing – Affordable Housing Ordinances

I received the following email from SLO County Planning Department, as I signed up for their email list. It includes information on the upcoming August 9, 2007 Planning Commission Hearings. I hope I uploaded the correct names to the pdf files. If not, I will try and correct the names later; but, they should at least all be there for anyone who wants to review them: Continue reading


End Of An Era–Adieu Pacos

A few weeks ago, the Santa Maria Times and the Adobe Press ran this article by Todd Cralley, on the closure of Paco’s Restaurant, as well as an interview with the owner, Flo Beeson, pictured below. (Photo by Santa Maria Times photographer Mike McAndrew).

Flo Beeson

Yesterday, Paco’s came down. Below are a few photos of that demolition, which is part of the new Village at Nipomo project: Continue reading

More Low Income “Affordable Housing” On Its Way To Nipomo

The San Luis County Board of Supervisors will begin hearings on August 9, 2007 to consider proposed affordable housing ordinances. On July 16, 2007, the San Luis Obispo County Planning Department sent out letters to property owners on or near Hill Street. A copy of that letter follows: Continue reading

Village At Nipomo Fenced Off–Can Increased Traffic Be Far Behind?

Village At Nipomo Fenced Off–Can Increased Traffic Be Far Behind?This weekend, the future construction site of the The Village at Nipomo has been fenced off, in anticipation of that construction. With that fencing, the only light controlled entrance and exit from Tefft Street to the Long’s Center has now been cut off. This cannot be a good sign for the future traffic impact. Continue reading

Willow Road Interchange Funds Allocated

Good news for Nipomo residents. On Tuesday 12/19/06, The San Luis County Board of Supervisors allocated $1.6 million of road impact fees to finish engineering plans for the Willow Road freeway interchange with the 101 freeway. The Santa Maria Times reports that while the county has several million dollars available, they are still several million dollars short: Continue reading

West Tefft Corridor Plan Discussions To Continue

Tefft Street as it might look in the futureWell, the Santa Maria Times reports this morning that the San Luis Obispo County Planning Department began their public hearings on Nipomo’s West Tefft Corridor Plan; but, they have not completed them. The hearings will re-convene on 1/25/07—yep that’s next year folks! You see, I don’t think anyone on the Planning Staff actually drives Tefft Street on a daily basis–so there really isn’t too much of a sense of urgency out there about what the traffic nightmares are like down here in Nipomo. Regardless, there will be more hearings–just a long way into the future. Before any implementation of the plan, the San Luis County Board of Supervisors will also have to approve the details. Continue reading