Nipomo’s Incorporation

I have now begun builidng a significant section of this blog relating to Nipomo’s incorporation, or in other words, Nipomo’s quest to become a city. If you want to read all the posts relating to Nipomo’s Incorporation movement, please see the new Nipomo Incorporation website here.

Let me preface all posts about incorporation by reminding readers that anything that appears under my name on this blog constitutes my opinion, and my opinion only as a private citizen and Nipomo resident. I am involved in formal organizations within the community; but, I do not speak for them in any capacity when I post an opinion here on this blog. This is true particularly regarding incorporation. I am involved with the official Nipomo Incorporation Committee for Education; however, posts on this blog reflect my own personal opinions and observations, not those of any organization or affiliation I may have with the Nipomo Incorporation Committee or any other organization.  In my opinion there is no greater single issue facing Nipomo today than preparing for and educating the public about the process for Nipomo to become a city in the future. I welcome ideas and input from anyone on incorporation, the process, the benefits, the burdens. This is an exciting time for Nipomo.


8 thoughts on “Nipomo’s Incorporation

  1. Glad to hear that Nipomo may become a City. We just moved here from the Valley and would like to see this community come together. I would like to know if anyone has had difficulty with Home Owner Associaiton and their boards due to lighting, security and other issues dealing with not being a City.
    Are there meetings regarding Nipomo becoming a City and the process and progress.

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  3. We need incorporation for many reasons:

    1) Allow Nipomo to have a voice in SLO County, instead of having SLO County and $am Blake$lee continue to kowtow to the developers who line their pockets.

    2) Develop an infrastructure to support our community. We have ONE CHP officer rotating between Nipomo and AG! We have no medical or emergency services, our residential streets have been turned into minor freeways by Blake$lee and the County.

    I’m a very frustrated citizen who IS considering moving his business from SB County to Nipomo. I can’t see making that move until incorporation unless there are significant changes.

  4. It would be great if you and people like you would just leave Nipomo the way it is. What I’m trying to say is that it is the simple fact that Nipomo is a small unicorperated town mostly farming town that makes it great. Take your big money and go corrupt some place ealse please. The real citzens of Nipomo really do want to keep things simple and just the way they are. Please don’t give us the “progress is inivitable” speech because we are not going to hear it. Just take your family and your wives and move on because you won’t ever really fit in around here.

  5. And that’s all it is, corruption. This is yet another bunch of losers out to get their hands on other people’s money. Nipomo is not a city, it’s a dump. Keep it that way. I wouldn’t tell anybody that I live in the county near Nipomo. I tell ’em, “below Pismo.” I don’t want any city expansion, especially to my house and neighborhood. What a blantant disgusting grab for other people’s money by soon-to-be criminals in politician’s ourfits. These people will set up the merry-go-round of clique jobs, from mayor to dog catcher to the school superintendant (superintendant of striking teachers unions, brilliant, just what we need, more striking govt. workers) that have no duties and make aburd amounts of money while they galavant around the globe on the tax dollars they siphon off of their captive audience. I’m selling now before the corrupt failures make their move to obtain other people’s money. Damn! And they said America was free. These people shouldn’t be put in council chambers, they should be put in prison.

  6. I do not wish to see Nipomo become a city…it is fine as a small town. For anyone who does not like the simple, small town life they obviously did not grow up in Nipomo and are simply transplants or soon will be. They come, take and complain about not having what they thought they would not miss back in their cities to only complain about everything we should have or shouldn’t have here. If you do not like it here as it is please go back, do not stay. Better yet, do not come! WE do not need more snobby people in this area, like in SLO. Keep going straight on the 101! The new offramp is not meant for you.

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