Frequently Asked Questions About Nipomo’s Water Supply

Below is a repost from the NCSD website which contains a wealth of information about the current need to bring a water pipeline from Santa Maria to supplement Nipomo’s only sources of water, our aquifer.  I repost it here because I think it answers from very basic and good questions about why we need to strengthen and protect our current and only water supply.  It’s not that we are about to run out of water.  Rather, we have only one source, and were it to be jeopardized it would be catastrophic for Nipomo. Continue reading


Nipomo Water Issues

One of the critical issues facing Nipomo today is the protection of its water supply.  The Nipomo Community Services District has dedicated a portion of its website to education the public about the water issues currently facing  Nipomo.  As time permits I will post discussions about the proposed pipe line and the water issues facing Nipomo.

There is also a private group called Protect Mesa Water which is soliciting donations to promote the assessment district to pay for a water pipeline from Santa Maria to Nipomo and also to help pay advertising costs in support of that effort.

The Sunset Of Medical Marijuana In California

 San Francisco: Medical Cannabis Competition 20108

Media accounts across nation over the last weeks and months paint a portrait of an industry in decline all over California:  Medical Marijuana.  Starting with the Sacramento Bee there remain only eight stores, down from 99 that at one time operated in Sacramento County.  Sacramento City has frozen permit applications for new dispensaries, while Sacramento County is cracking down in the unincorporated areas: Continue reading

What A Nipomo Marijuana Dispensary Might Look Like

I have no idea of the current status of Mr. David Rosenthal’s application to the county to open a pot dispensary in Nipomo.  I have requested clarification from county planning, but have heard nothing as of yet.  Based on Mr. Rosenthal’s presentation at the SCAC meeting on Monday 11/28/11, it is clear he intends to move forward as though his application is intact. Continue reading

Email From Tri-M Rental Denying Agreement To Use Facility As Marijuana Dispensary

I have just received an email from Mr.  Brandon Gesicki of the Abel Maldonado campaign.  The email is actually a forwarded email from an Eric Gamble, who represents himself as the Director of the Tri-M Rental Group.  Tri-M is the partnership which owns the subject property that has been proposed as a marijuana dispensary in Nipomo.  The email was sent to the San Luis Obispo County Planning Department, with a copy to Mr. Dan Woodson, current chair of the SCAC.  I am attaching a copy of this email here: Tri-M Email Continue reading

Abel Maldonado Denies Any Agreement To Rent For Nipomo Marijuana Dispensary


As an update to my last post on the Nipomo marijuana dispensary, I spoke again this afternoon with Mr. Brandon Gesicki, of the Abel Maldonado campaign.  Based on my discussion with Mr. Gesicki, I came away with the understanding that Mr. Maldonado has never favored or agreed renting to the individual, i.e., David Rosenthal (named in the application papers filed with the county) seeking to operate a marijuana dispensary in Nipomo.  Mr. Gesicki confirmed that Mr. Maldonado does have an ownership interest (along with other partners) in Tri-M; however, Mr. Gesicki speaks only on behalf of Mr. Maldonado, and not Tri-M.  Mr. Maldonado is a silent partner in the organization.  And, it is Mr. Maldonado’s position that when Mr. Rosenthal first approached the Tri-M partnership about renting the building for a marijuana dispensary, the Tri-M partnership told him no.   They further told Mr. Rosenthal that they would not sell him the subject property so that he could use it as a marijuana facility.  Continue reading

Abel Maldonado Responds To Marijuana Dispensary Building Ownership Issue

When I returned home from dinner last evening I had received a telephone message from a Brandon Gesicki.  Mr. Gesicki identified himself as working “with” Abel Maldonado–though did not identify in what capacity he works for the former Lt. Governor, and upcoming congressional candidate for 2012.  From his website, however, it is clear Mr. Gesicki runs a political PR firm and has had long political ties to Mr. Maldonado.  At Mr. Gesicki’s request I will post the message he left on my answering machine, verbatim: Continue reading