Nipomo In Spring

Nipomo is always beautiful; however, Spring is spectacular here on the Golden State’s Central Coast. A few random shots in and around Nipomo–The Foot of The Hills–Gateway to San Luis Obispo County . . .

Photos taken April 1, 2012

The full set of photos in high resolution are located here on my Flickr account.  Below is just a random sampling: Continue reading


Relevant Santa Maria Water Litigation Documents

There are several important documents from the Santa Maria Water Litigation.  The NCSD website has an excellent archive of them.  I am posting a few of them here:

The 2008 Final Judgment is here:  JUDGEMENT 1-25-2008

The 2005 Stipulation is here:  STIPULATION 6-30-2005 STIP

Relevant portions of the Judgment and Stipulation explained here: markman presentation 2-27-08

Most recent NMMA report for the Nipomo Mesa is here: 2010 ANNUAL REPORT

A review of these documents demonstrate that as part of the Santa Maria groundwater litigation the court has found the need to manage ground water on the Nipomo Mesa.  The Court has ordered the NCSD to acquire 2500 acre square feet of water, from Santa Maria.  The NNMA reports demonstrate that this supplemental water will further strengthen the health of the Nipomo Mesa Water, by reducing pumping that currently is producing depression areas in some areas of heavy pumping on the Nipomo Mesa by the NCSD.

Vote to approve the Nipomo Water Pipeline 

The San Luis Tribune Opines The Nipomo Pipeline Project Expensive But Necessary

Today’s Tribune editorial comes out in favor of the NCSD’s efforts to construct a water pipeline from Santa Maria to Nipomo.  I think the Tribune editorial is well reasoned and well written.  I agree with this editorial, and repost it here to further encourage discussion on this issue in our community: Continue reading

Nipomo Water Issues

One of the critical issues facing Nipomo today is the protection of its water supply.  The Nipomo Community Services District has dedicated a portion of its website to education the public about the water issues currently facing  Nipomo.  As time permits I will post discussions about the proposed pipe line and the water issues facing Nipomo.

There is also a private group called Protect Mesa Water which is soliciting donations to promote the assessment district to pay for a water pipeline from Santa Maria to Nipomo and also to help pay advertising costs in support of that effort.

Marijuana Dispensary Slated for Nipomo–Round Two

As unbelievable as it sounds, San Luis Obispo County is once again considering Nipomo as the location for a marijuana dispensary, despite the overwhelming opposition of Nipomo residents to a similar project almost two years ago.  See local media reports here and here.  The South County Advisory Council (SCAC) will discuss the proposed project at their November 28, 2011 meeting held at the Nipomo Community Service District (NCSD) Board Room at 6:30 p.m.  The meeting location is 148 S. Wilson Street, Nipomo, CA.  If you have an opinion on this issue I am certain the SCAC board welcomes your input.  Please attend and express your opinion to the SCAC. Continue reading